Get a Custom Graphic Design from DesignContest

Do you want to design something on the web and are not satisfied with your designer? This is possible in most cases and you might also need to wait for a long time for your designer to be ready with your design. This seems to be inconvenient, however it is not so at They work in a different way and you can rely on this site fully and get the best design.

DesignContest offers designs for a wide variety of categories which can be seen in the image below.


It is easy fast and affordable to get something designed from DesignContest. All you need to do is start a contest and choose your prize amount. Wait for a while and you would see a lot of designs created by designers for your contest. You can then choose any one among them.

Once you post a contest you will see a lot of entries from talented and experienced designers. You have the opportunity to score and  comment on each entry or even eliminate some if you think it does not matches what you are looking for. When you post comments or eliminate some designs, you can be sure that you would get the required design for which you have been looking for.

Once you choose the best desgin from all the entries, you can choose one among them and download the source files. The prize amount will be paid to the designer. Hence you get the best work done for your business or product. Usage of this site is quite simple,running contests and communicating with designers is extremely easy.

Now you might wonder how are the designers selected and allowed to post entries. At DesignContest, designers are pre-qualified for talent and skill. Only those designers who are eligible are allowed to post entries. Moreover, the staff of DesignContest continually monitor the entries to ensure that quality work is done by the designers.

DesignContest also serves as a platform for designers to gain experience and harness their skills. It also allows them to earn money and they can build their own portfolio. It helps them to build strong customer relationships which is the base for any business.

DesignContest is helpful for both clients and designers. However, if you are a client you might feel the hardest thing is to choose the best design among many good options 😉

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