Download Android Market 3.3.11 APK File With New Features

The Android Market has been updated recently and here we are with the Android Market 3.3.11 APK file which can be downloaded from the link at the end of the post. Let us see what’s new in this update of Android Market. With the newer version you can choose to auto update all the apps. This was not the case with the previous version as you manually needed to go to the app and enable auto update. But now all your apps will be updated automatically (if chosen). The update will run in the background and hence it’s more convenient if you want to have the latest version of all the apps installed on your Android phone.

Another good feature which I had been expecting is to enable auto-update only when Wi-Fi network is available. So you do not need to worry if you have enabled auto-update and are connected to a mobile network, not to a Wi-Fi Network. This makes sure you do not lose any data charges 😉

You can also add shortcut icons of newly installed apps on your homescreen automatically. This is already available in Honeycomb and now it’s possible in Froyo and Gingerbread too.

A few other enhancements improve a little change in the UI which can be seen from the images below 🙂

Android Market Rating Chart Android Market Settings

[download id=’3′]

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