Download BlogoTech’s Official Application for Android, iOS and Symbian Platforms

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BlogoTech recently got a Page Rank update and now we are again posting another announcement. Many people use their mobile devices to access the Internet and our Google Analytics data also predicts the same. This announcement woudl benefit all the mobile readers of BlogoTech. We have made apps for Android, iOS and Symbian readers.

BlogoTech for Android

Android users can download our App from the link below. We have tried it on Samsung Galaxy S. The Android App loads with a blazing speed even on 2G network. You can also favorite articles you like. This is how it looks:


BlogoTech for Android

BlogoTech Android

You will not see the Tweet and Share text in the beginning as we have updated the RSS feed. Hope you like it 🙂

Download BlogoTech for Android

BlogoTech for iOS

BlogoTech for iOSThe iOS App has been made using Bloapp. To download BlogoTech’s app for iOS, you need to download Bloapp from here. You can add BlogoTech to the app using the QR Code below or you can search for BlogoTech and find it out.

BlogoTech for Symbian Phones

You can easily download BlogoTech’s app from the Ovi Store.BlogoTech- Ovi app

Download BlogoTech from Ovi Store

I hope you enjoy reading BlogoTech through these three most widely used mobile platforms 🙂

  • techatlast

    Nice apps. I love this 🙂

    BTW: Can you creat tutorial on how others can create one?
    Thanks a lot

  • You did a great thing creating these applications….will be helpful to every mobile user (sometimes me :-P)

    BTW your commentluv doesn’t seem to be working bro…

    • Thanks for letting me know Salman.. They have been making changes to the plugin very often. I’ll update it now 🙂

  • i love to use these app daily on my Samsung galaxy s android phone its quiet fast and also getting latest articles updates everyday. 🙂

    • Thanks for your first comment on this Blog Shenoy.. And thanks for sending these pics 😉

  • hey why don’t you host your android app on the android market. Anyways, all the best bro. 🙂

    • It would be costing me a lot.. Anyway i’ll do it when BlogoTech has plenty of mobile readers 🙂

    • best of luck for that bro :)btw something offtopic but the commentluv plugin is not working i think

    • LOL! I know that. I am contacting Andy hopefully they’ll fix it

    • Commentluv plugin working now 🙂

  • Is that android app created using ??

    • No. It has been created using Apppyet

    • anwar

      well 🙂

      If we are using the summary of feeds, can we read the complete post in app ??

    • You can read the complete post in the app. You can check the screenshots. We have tested these apps!

  • Please make a tutorial soon, im very curious how did you make it , thanks :)))

    would like to make for our blog

  • Don’t forget to put ads from Google.

    • There would only be one ad at the bottom of every post. mobile screens are already short, I don’t want to make it look dirty with many ads!

  • Thanks Lalit. I downloaded symbian apps for my Nokia mobile.

  • I’ve created Android and Symbian application for my blog. I’m planning to create iPhone/iPad application soon.

  • Revisit this blog and give you appreciation for the list.

  • Could you please let me know how to create similar kind of apps, I want to create it for my wordpress android apps blog

    • You can use appyet for Android, bloapp for iOS and for Symbian 🙂

  • I’ve downloaded Appyet for Android, the app looks promising, I can’t wait to use it!