Easy Way to Install Custom Recovery on LG Optimus Me P350

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Custom ROMs on LG Optimus Me P350 can not be flashed via an external application and hence you need to do it via Recovery mode. A few days back I wrote a guide to Install Custom Recovery and many of you found it tough as it requires you to enter quite a lot of commands and also, you need to have the Android SDK and JDK installed. Thanks to drapalyuk from XDA who made it easy. This tutorial explains how to install Custom Recovery on LG Optimus Me P350 in an easy way.


Disclaimer: BlogoTech is not responsible for any damage that might be caused to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible. Try this at your own risk. Also note, rooting your device will void your warranty.

Β There is yet another easy way to root & install custom recovery at Hack My Android Forums.

Steps to Install Custom Recovery

  1. After you download the zip file to your PC, extract its contents to a folder in your PC using the password “blogotechblog.com”
    Install Custom Recovery on LG Optimus Me P350
  2. Connect your phone to the PC via USB Cable.
  3. Run the file”RecoveryInstaller.bat”
  4. A gscript application would be automatically installed on your phone.
  5. Click on Menu button and then select “Add script”.
  6. Click on Load file and select the file “script.sh”
  7. Click on Save button. You may be asked for Superuser permissions, click on Allow.
  8. A recent comment from mathai biju might be helpful. In case the comment gets lost in the list, click here to read the comment.

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To verify, turn off your phone and press the Call Button + Volume Down Button + Power Button. Doing this boots your phone into recovery. If you face any issues, feel free to comment below πŸ™‚

  • LGP350 user

    Are you sure it will work 100%? And btw i unbricked my phone πŸ™‚ ty:))

    • That’s good. Yes it will work πŸ™‚

    • LG P350 User

      how to uninstall this??

    • LG P350 User

      And it is sucessful :DDD

    • I will have to figure out how to uninstall. BTW, why would you want to uninstall? It’s harmless and good for your phone!

  • chris

    I think I messed up somewhere. When I turned off my phone, I tried to do the “Call Button + Volume Down Button + Power Button.” thing. But the phone just rebooted normally.

    I was actually trying to install the Cyanogen mod in my LG-P350 through the procedures you have here: https://www.blogotechblog.com/2012/01/install-cyanogenmod-7-2-on-lg-optimus-me-p-350/

    Instead, I just ran Gscript Lite, and clicked “script” (the 4th entry, the one newly installed). The phone rebooted with a black screen, with the following text:

    Fastmoot mode started
    STALL GET_DESRIPTOR 128 6 1006 0 18
    fastboot: processing commands

    Now it’s stuck there. I tried rebooting but my phone reboots to that screen. Is my phone bricked? Thanks in advance.

  • Chris

    Thanks, I managed to reinstall the ClockworkMod through Fastboot. I read it somewhere after extensive research πŸ˜€ Turns out I did mess up somewhere. πŸ™‚

    Btw, I was successful in installing CyanogenMod 7 to my LG-P350. The risks were all worth it. Keep it up Sir Lalit. Your site has been a great help. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for the appreciation Chris. You can also try the Cosmic Experia ROM

    • Devesh

      Hey i did the same thing i guess and my phone is also stuck at the same screen what to do now how did you correct it???
      thanx in advance!!!

  • himanshu

    by installing custom recovery in my lg optimus p 350 my phone get stucked in fastboot mode and is not booting up . what i have 2 do to make my phone in original position…

    • Remove the battery and reinsert it. If it does not work, press the Call button + Power Button + Volume Down button. This will either reset your phone or boot into recovery!

  • rishank

    i enabled usb debugging mode after that i cannot see my device listed on computer

  • yoganand

    is there a way to install custom recovery on lg optimus me without using computer please help

  • yoganand

    ( i downloaded the recovery installer zip) ( i extracted its contents to a folder in the pc ).. (i enabled usb debuggimg on my phone connected my to pc) (i ran the recoveryinstaller.bat )….(after that nothing happend a gscript application was not installed) :(:(

  • yoganand

    i did everyting as u said a gscript was automatically and i added sh.script and no su permissions were asked my phone is rooted after that i holded volumedown+call+powerbutton my phone rebooted normally wipeing out phone data … what’s the error?

    • You shouldn’t proceed if superuser permissions are not asked. Are you sure your phone is rooted?

  • konj

    when i press script
    stderr: Premision denied

  • konj

    all good

  • yoganand

    am very much sure that my phone is rooted i use a lot of root applications like cachemate ,masqued crusader…… do i have to update my superuser?

  • Daniel

    This just only reseted my phone not happy. πŸ™

    • If this does not work for you, you can try this method However, I would like to know, were you able to add the script successfully?

  • piyush

    sir while loading the script.sh from the file it is showing “error while looking fr script ” some null pointer exeption

    • Is your phone rooted? You can try the alternative method if this does not work. The alternative method guarantees success!

    • piyush

      in dat method in step 8 the access is denied

    • That means either your phone is not rooted or Superuser and su binary is not updated!

    • piyush

      wat is the latest version its showing superuser in my cell

    • I guess it must be 3.0.4 and Su binary is 3.0!

  • Manju

    Hi Lalit,

    I got error, when my phone restart after doing the above steps.

    “Fastboot mode started

    Like this please help me.

    • Oh well, it seems you will not be able to boot! Remove the battery and re insert it around 3-4 times. If that does not work, insert the batter and press the Volume Down button + Call button and Power button together unless you see the recovery screen. If you do not see the recovery screen, your phone will be reset. This is the only way you can get rid of this fastboot mode! Let me know if this does not work and I will tell you how to make it work πŸ™‚

    • Manju

      Hi Lalit,

      I tryed as per your instructions but it’s not happening. before this one month i updated my phone firmware to v10F. so i think because of this the reset option is not working i hold that Volume Down button + Call button and Power button, but still it is going to Fastbootmode.

      please could tell me is there any Plan B for solving this issue.

      And great thanks for your above instructions.

    • Yes, there is a Plan B which lets you unbrick LG Optimus Me. Just follow the second method listed here with heading “Root LG Optimus Me After firmware Upgrade” This process involves rolling back to stock firmware using KDZ updater! Hope this helps!

    • Manju

      Hi Lalit,

      You are just like a medicine for everyone and your treatment is worked for me GREAT THANKS.

      Now my phone is running on Cosmic Experia ROM.

      Once Again Great Thanks. πŸ™‚

    • You’re welcome Manju πŸ™‚ Thanks for your appreciation!

  • Deki

    @ yoganand yes it is ppssible without pc. It is the same method as one with android sdk instaler. U just need to download terminal emulator from market and type the same comands that u would type in cmd,without adb shell comand. Thats how i did on my phone.





  • lg p350

    Will LG know if you do something to void your phone when you rollback the rom to stock rom?? Please answer back

  • Anton Ramirez

    Will LG know if you do something rooting to your phone?? when you roll the rom back to stock rom

  • Sidharth

    even after doing those my phone is not booting in recovery

  • sulabh

    my lg optimus me flashing

    fastboot mode started udc.start() — suspend — — reset — — portchange — — reset — — portchange —

    pls help me .. every time i try buttone combo its flashing same….

    • Try to reinsert the battery and press Volume down + Call + Power button It will reset your phone but if you have custom recovery installed, it will boot into recovery. If this does not work, check out the second method listed here to unbrick your phone your phone

  • Leonardo

    I am Brazilian
    Thanks for helping me to install custom recovery on my phone even required.

  • jeff

    hi lalit what do you mean by extracting it using blogotechblog.com im trying to do this but i dont know how. pls help

    • When you extract the contents of the zip file, you will be asked for a password which is “blogotechblog.com”

  • sreenath

    i rooted my lg optimus me using gingerbreak
    i tried to install custom rom by downloading ROM manager from market
    now my phone is not working its dead pls help me out

    • ROM Manager does not work with LG Optimus Me. Can you put it into Emergency Mode? To do this, Remove your phone battery and re-insert it. Hold the Volume UP+Volume Down+Power Button together. You will see a yellow screen and Emergency mode written on it.

    • If you can boot into Emergency mode, you can follow the second method listed here If you face any issues, feel free to tell me πŸ™‚

  • nergalr

    fastboot mode started.

  • ads

    Well I was stuck at Fastboot mode then I tried to use the kdz updater but the phone was not found. Please help me!

    • Do you have LG Drivers installed? Your phone must be recognized by the PC in emergency mode. You can refer the video for better reference!

    • ads

      Yes I’ve already installed the driver and I connected the phone in emergency mode but I don’t know it just didn’t work

    • ads

      Hi Lalit, my phone is working again, thanks!

  • Jamie

    For some reason i cannot even root this fone i have rooted many fones mainly Galaxy S2 (GT I9100) and never had any problems super oneclick will not work or anything i have treid i updated and now i am the V10G Software Version i am in the uk with non branded device any idea’s how i can root and get a custom rom with better preformance on my nephew’s mobile any help or assitance will be extremely apprecited thanks

  • 2nd step β€œconnect you phone to pc via usbβ€œ and after the installation of gscript can i remove the usb

  • Mitesh

    Nothing happens man..!!!
    Whenever I restart using volume down+call+power button, hasrd reset occurs..!!!
    Help please.

  • Hello. After click on script, the phone restarts and stuck in a back screen when appears:

    Fastboot mode started

    And nothing happens after then. Im already take off the battery many times and the phone dont work anymore. Can you help me?





  • cristy

    Mr. Lalit I did all what is mentioned in your blog but how come when after the blue screen appears my phone just goes to reboot not into recovery mode…I don’t know what went wrong coz all went well until that reboot part…mind telling me what to do? And if its this way can I continue to install the cyanogen nightlies rom? sorry for so many questions…I hope you can help me..

    • Just tell me what happens when you press Call + Volume Down + Power button simultaneously? If you don’t have recovery installed, it will reset your phone, so make sure you have backup!

  • cristy

    when I press those buttons my phone goes to reset mode.not the recovery mode

    • So you have not installed recovery properly. Please try the alternate method!

  • Pradeep

    Hello Lalit

    I want to install CyanogenMod…
    I have rooted my phone with GingerBreak
    Then installd RecoverInstaller Successfully
    Added Script also…

    But cant boot into recovery after pressing those key combinations
    Already tried several times.
    Please help me.

    And wat is β€œAndroid SDK installedβ€œ ??
    Is it necessary ??

  • ankit

    hey i did same but when i turn on my phone it my optimus me stuck on lg logo and Lg soft keys blinking Lg optimus please tell me now what to do.????please help me

    • If you have installed recovery properly, re-insert batter and boot into recovery using the hardware buttons!

  • Andrew

    Hi Mr Lalit,

    I tried the ones abve but im stuck at the script loading part. the app can’t locate the script file. please help.


    • If this does not work, you need to use the alternative method listed here https://www.blogotechblog.com/2012/01/how-to-install-custom-recovery-on-lg-optimus-me-p350/

    • Andrew

      yeah, i tried that as well, but when using the cmd prompt adb devices command isn’t recongized.

    • You must install Android SDK and platform tools!

    • VeeBaby

      Hello. After hours of playing around and realizing that ADB was located in a weird directory (program files), I was able to successfully install and enter recovery. But, after doing so, I was unable to select any of the options using the menu key. So I got frustrated and installed ROM manager. OOOOPS! Now, I’m in Emergency mode trying to get back to what I had before all of this started. Do you know why was I not able to use the “Call” button to select any of the items in Custom Recovery?

    • You can use the Call button for Clockworkmod Recovery but for custom, you must use Menu button. To get out of the emergency mode, you must use the KDZ updater, the instructions for which are given here https://www.blogotechblog.com/2011/12/how-to-root-lg-optimus-me-p350-after-firmware-update/2/

    • richard kenneth samson

      you must put the .sh files to gscript folder

  • Shanu

    Is it possible to install custom recovery in this method in factory rom in p350 ??

    • This is for factory ROM only because custom ROMs can be installed only using custom Recovery!

  • Shanu

    may i knw one more thing ? which is the best custom rom for lg p350 ?!

    • All ROMs posted here are good and fully functional!

  • Shanu

    i had installed sdk as well as jdk and plateform tools but
    adb devices command isn’t
    recongized yet πŸ™
    plzz help me

    • Start the command prompt in the location of the platform-tools folder and then try!

  • Shanu

    I had installed CM 7.2 but der aftr my phone is not recognized by my system. what should I do?

    • What happens when you connect your phone in USB mass storage mode? Reboot and try again!

  • Shanu

    i didnt saw mass storage option.
    now i got another problem i can’t turn off my fon itz getting restarting while im turn off it.so i hav to temove battey to turn off.
    plzz help me

  • richard kenneth samson

    hey the gscript cant load the .sh file so can i just type the contents? aif yes please wrote down the contents so i can write it. thanks.

    • Sorry I don’t know the contents of the script. You can use the alternative method!

  • richard kenneth samson

    hey i made it work. i just placed the script inside a folder named gscript. first it says that memory full. so i erased some apps and wola! my lg optimus me reboot to recovery and many thanks to you because i can’t get the right step using your long method. now i have installed custom recovery :). can u suggest what is more better. honeycomb or cyanogenmod 7.2?

  • richard kenneth samson

    another question. if i installed cyanogenmod, and i wanna replace it with honeycomb. will i just install zip fil or i need something else to get rid of the rom?

    • Just follow the instructions on the Honeycomb page!

    • richard kenneth samson

      ok i’ll do it. hey tahnks again. πŸ˜€

  • lg

    error bro

  • Rohan

    I completed the steps….But cant go to recovery mode! Do we have to hold all 3 buttons till recovery mode starts????? And the gscript app did ask for superuser permissions..

    • Press the three keys and release the power key when you see the LG logo!

  • rahul

    is it not going to work on xp do i need to download linux operating system or is there any other way to do that plz help me m trying so hard but still not able to do so. i have window xp

    • It will work on Windows XP also.. Let me know what error do you face!

  • Rohan

    My phone is not asking for SuperUser permissions! πŸ™

  • Rohan

    When i press the three buttons the phone gets formatted…..and i meant that it Did not ask for superuser permissions…pls help!

  • riza

    hey bro the gscript app doesnt get installed on my phone

  • Al Shanu

    me too have the same problem derz nothng get installed in ma fone aftr runnung the unziped file.what shall i do next ?

  • Aleksandar

    Hi, guy! I’ve probem when I run Recoveovery Installer. You can see: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/706/failrj.jpg/. End when I look at my phone I saw GScript Lite app, but when I go to menu and try to load “script.sh” there isn’t any .sh file.

  • Lori

    I tryed both of methods and nothing my phone is just reseting the facroty ROM
    and dont brings me in any restory menu πŸ™
    What i should do?
    I follow all the steps correctly and it was ok…
    Plz help

  • wellington

    my lg P350 got the black screen and started writing udc_start fastboot mode ()

  • SYIH

    2 days of setting this up and you help me the most thank you

  • mathai biju

    i found out the mistake i was doing and ended up reseting the phone with the key combinations given!!!after u load the .sh file and save !!just click on the script file shown in the last screen shot!!and then it reboots into recovery!!i think most ppl like me wud have directly switched off the phone without running the script!!and tried the key combinations!!
    thanks a lot lalit indoria!!pls do edit the instructions and add the last step to run the script!:)

  • Lalit, please help. I tried this method and now when i turn on my phone stay: Fastboot mode started
    fastboot: processing commands.
    I cant do anything with my phone. PLEASE HELP

  • aditya

    hey i cant find script.sh in gscript lite in thatload file.. plz help me out..u can also mail me on [email protected]

    • aditya

      it worked!!! … my usb driver was outdated ..problem fixed when usb driver was updated

    • nishantamin27

      how did u updated usb drivers ..

  • aditya

    it was not working on starting the phn with volume down +call and then power button… it worked when i just chose the script option thank u for help a lot u guys were real help… thank u..

  • nishantamin27

    gscript application is not getting installed πŸ™

  • when i click on the script file it says no flash_image exist in the sd

  • mal

    when i try to boot it my phone reset…..how do i fix it?

  • matobancic

    hey help me,when i try to enter recovery mode it just resets it

  • Anirudh

    my phone is stuck at the command fastboot:processing commands

    does this step require a lot of time?Please help

  • Jack

    after installing custom recovery when I start my phone it says
    “Fastboot mode started

    udc_start()” and my phone i stocked on that screen…when I try to unbrick I connect the phone (in emergency mode) whit USB cable to the computer and when i click Launch software upgrade it says PHONE WAS NOT FOUND :@ :@ can somebody help me to fix it ? πŸ™

  • Thank you Lalit. Type “lg p350 usb driver for windows 7” on google search and download usb driver from LG website. Install LG driver on PC. This step is missing here. It seems you all tried without lg usb drivers. Its required for debugging.

  • Thank you again.

  • thanks a lot

  • The .sh file won’t appear. what will i do?

  • bernard

    when i double click on recovery installer.bat,i get nothing,please help,i turned on usb debugging and connected it to a pc and nothing :/ please help, i can’t fing gscript aplication,help meee :S

    • bernard


  • guyak89

    i rooted my phone

  • guyak89

    AND i got a problem.the system is no more booting.ONly tts he lg logo appears.so i want to try honeycomb but the problem is that custom recovery was not installed in my phone before.i downloaded it on pc but zhen i lauch the ….dat file its saying device not connected

  • guyak89

    i don t also have the drivers of the phone

  • guyak89

    help me please

  • abhijit pagare

    hey thanxxxxx i have done ,…thanxxx alot guysss love u all……

  • Najju

    HELP!!!! plzzzz my phone is Getting Formated while getting into Recovery it does not get into Recover,Reply Fast……