HOW TO Embed Live Web Pages To a PowerPoint Presentation

You might have wanted to add web pages to your PowerPoint Presentation. One Option is that you can copy the screenshot and paste it in the slide. But what if the web page undergoes some changes after a few days? The screenshot which you have added would be an outdated one. In such cases this trick would help you out as it shows you how to add live web pages to your PowerPoint Presentation. Even if the web page gets changed, you don’t need to worry about it. For Example, you can see in the image below where I have added Twitter to Power Point Presentation ad it refreshes automatically.

View Twitter In PowerPoint Presentation

I will be using PowerPoint 2010 for this tutorial. By default, you can not embed a live web page to your PowerPoint presentation but this can be done with the help of an add-in. You can download the LiveWeb add-in from here depending on the Version of PowerPoint you are using. It is a zip file which you can download and extract as usual.

Now, open PowerPoint and click on File->Options.

New PowerPoint Presentation

After you click on Options, a new dialog box opens. Click on Add-ins on the left.


Next, click on PowerPoint Add-Ins at the bottom next to manage and then click on Go button.Manage Add-Ins

No Click on Add new and select the LiveWeb Add-In from the location where you had unzipped the downloaded files Previously. You can refer the screenshots below.Add New Add-In

LiveWeb Add-In

After this, you will be asked to enabled Macros, just click on Enable Macros.

Now, you can click on Insert at the top and Insert Web Page.Add Web Page

You can enter the URL of the Web Page you want to add and then click on Next.Enter URL

After you click on Next, make sure the refresh web page automatically is checked.Refresh Web Page Automatically
After this you can specify the location where you want to place the Web Page in the slide. This inserts the Web Page in the slide. You can now run the Slide Show and view the Web Page in the Power Point Presentation.

View Web Page in PowerPoint Presentation

I hope you find this tutorial useful. If you have any queries, the comments section below is always there for you to shout at me 😛

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