Essential Apps For Windows Phone 7

Do you own a Windows 7 handset? Well, congratulations from my side for that.! So obviously you need to make the best of your phone. After all, you have spent Rs.25,000-30,000 /*I am not sure of the current price in India*/ Its apps have crossed a figure of 5,000 apps and moreover it has the Zune and Xbox Live integration. So why don’t you place your hands on a few of them? Here are a few apps which have been categorised as the free ones and the paid apps.

Free Apps:

[tab name=’Facebook’]

Facebook obviously is a “must have” app for any user. WP7 comes with Facebook integration but it has only a few basic features. The official app comes with the places feature and also photo-tagging.[/tab]

[tab name=’Twitter’]

You wont find many apps for Twitter but Twitter’s official app is not bad at all as it comes with the geotagging and photo uploading features. But the sad part of it is that you don’t get the “comment” retweeting option in it.

You can also try Beez for twitter though it is slow and doesn’t have many features either. Go for it because you don’t have any other alternative too :P[/tab]

[tab name=’Weather’]

The Weather channel is one more app which i would recommend. Though it doesn’t look attractive but its frequency of updating is quite god and also better than the other apps. It is free too :)[/tab]

[tab name=’Adobe’]

Reading ebooks is one of the best ways to kill time espescially when you are travelling. Is reading one of your hobbies? Then you should surely go for the Adobe reader to read some of your favourite ebooks.[/tab]

[tab name=’Netflix’]

Netflix is another wonderful app which lets you watch TV shows and also supports movie streaming. A good suggestion for girls ;)[/tab]

[tab name=’Youtube’]

[Image Credit:Wp Central]

The name of the app says it all. A must have app for Youtube lovers. It supports HD (aka HQ) playback. Do try it :)[/tab]


Paid apps:

[tab name=’GoVoice’]

You can try this app of you are a Google Voice user. It has a clean and clear interface for showing your account. The best part of it s that if you buy the full version, you can get push notification to your phone whenever you get a voicemail or a message. It is priced at $2.99.[/tab]

[tab name=’Pictures Lab’]

Pictures Lab is priced at $1.99 and has become essential for all WP 7 users. It integrates with the native photo browser making the user interface totally user-friendly. Try this app if you want to add some effects to your photos.[/tab]

[tab name=’WP Tumblr’]

Tumblr has not released any officil app for WP 7. So this is a third party release which helps you to browse through posts. It is priced at $1.29.[/tab]

[tab name=’Kickbox’]

Kickbox is a third party Dropbox app with which you can view files of various formats like PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, text, and audio files; unsupported formats can still be opened as text files. Uploading is limmited to images though because of the WP 7 restriction. Price:$3.99[/tab]

[tab name=’Morfo’]

Morfo is a wonderful app. To use this, all you need to do is, get a close up shot of the face of a person. This app adds various facial features and also provides you with a 3D Avatar which would blibk and move according to the beats of the music 😀 It is priced at $1.99[/tab]


If You are looking for Games, then you can go to Xbox Live

I hope i have mentioned quite good apps for your phone. Have i missed some good ones? Do comment and let the readers know 🙂

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