Facebook Enhances Privacy Features: Adds Photo Tagging Approval

The feature I hate the most about Facebook photos is the tagging feature. I could find many people tagging me in photos which are not worth being placed tags on. This would make the wall look bad and adds unnecessary photos in your Albums. Thankfully, Facebook has introduced some more privacy features out of which photo tagging approval is one.

Photo Tagging Approval

Approve Tags on Facebook PhotosWhen someone tags you in a photo in Facebook, you would just see a notification that your friend has tagged you in a pic. You could later remove the tag if you find the pic not worth being tagged in. But now, you will see a page which shows pending photo tagging approvals. Only after you accept the tag, it would be placed on the pic and only after your approval your friends would be able to see which pic you have been tagged in. Hence, you will not be tagged in any pic without approval. Similarly, you can also accept or reject tags which your friends place on your own pics.

Privacy Controls within Edit Profile Page

Iline Privacy optionsI have personally observed that many Facebook users do not know about the privacy features Facebook provides them with. Hence, Facebook has included these privacy features within the “Edit Profile” page.  So you can now control the visibility different categories of your profile like “music, Television etc.” within the Edit profile page and you need not open the separate Privacy options page in Facebook.

View Profile As

View Profile as buttonThe View Profile As button will be available on your Facebook profile. This enables you to enter a friend’s name and view your profile as  if you were him/her. This ensures that your privacy settings are set properly for specific friends. This feature is also available in Google+.

Inline Sharing Controls

Previously, you could update the privacy options before you post something on your wall. But now you can edit the privacy options inline with the post of yours. Hence, you can change the privacy options later and control who sees your posts.

Tag Location in Posts

Add locationPreviously you could tag your location only through your smartphone but now you can tag your location using any device. Again, this feature is available in Google+.

Tag Anyone

You can now tag anyone. the person whom you tag in a post need not be your friend. This is still secure as the other person needs to approve the tag. But I really wonder how would it work, because you can find many Lalit Indoria’s in Facebook.

These privacy features would roll on to users slowly by the end of the week. These features would surely spice up your Social life and make Facebook a much better place for its users. What do you think?

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