Facebook Security Flaw: Page Admins Can Remove Owner of The Page

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Have you created a Facebook page and appointed someone as the admin? If yes, then you must remove the admin right now if he is not a trusted one. I did this mistake a few weeks back when I made someone as the admin, not realizing that the admin can hijack my page and remove me from the page I created.

This is a Facebook Security Flaw which lets Page admin remove the creator of the page as an admin. You might argue that if you make someone as the admin of your page, he/she must get the same rights which you possess. But this is not true according to an FAQ on Facebook which states:

A Page can have multiple administrators. Each Page administrator will need to have their own business account or personal account. Every admin can manage the Page from their own Facebook account using the “Page Manager” application that will appear in the left hand column of the Applications section once they become an admin for a Page. Every admin has equal access to and the same abilities as the other admins for a Page, however the original creator of the Page may never be removed by other Page admins.

Facebook pages are an integral part of Business and play an important role in Brand building or promotion of  Business. Hence, this becomes a serious security flaw which, perhaps Facebook is not aware of.

The video below shows how a page admin can revoke the administrator rights of the page owner.

Facebook Page Security Flaw
  • I had heard about the news.. Good that you shared it.. Normally I have seen people sharing the admin rights with friends to increase likes etc.

  • IMHO, the last sentence in the FAQ is ambiguous;has two interpretations. For what good is an administrator when he is not the ‘root’ (access to every option)?

    Also, what would happen to the page in case the creator deactivates/deletes his her account? Or suppose it gets hacked? What would other administrators do in such a situation?

    I think this feature is not a security flaw but is there by design.

    • That’s a valid point Pulkit, but you can recover your hacked facebook profile by enabling login notifications and/or by your mobile phone and email, but once you (page owner) are removed by the admin, you can not recover it back and it is completely in the hands of the admins! Regarding your first question, admins are appointed to share links and posts on the page’s wall, when I appointed some people as the page’s admins, they were supposed to reply to the posts that people made on BlogoTech’s wall where we were giving away Google+ invitations. When it’s a big business, appointment of admins becomes necessary to monitor comments and reply (if necessary).

  • 1. There is no such thing as owner of page.
    2. The thing that faq mentions was true until few months back when they started treatin creators like other admins. Which is very annoying. Thumbs down. Its just that they forgot to update the faq. A small thingy.
    3. Tip. Create a dummy mail id. Create a hootsuite ac with it. And ask the ppl whom you want to make admin but don’t trust enough to update Facebook page from there. A more viable option.

  • Diana

    Well darn.
    We have an unusual situation whereby, due to the mistake made, the page has NO admins.

    What do you do if you are page owner/creator and you were removed by another admin by mistake? Is there any way to re-commandeer your page?

  • hi dude same happened with me and some one removed me on my orginal page i am real owner how to recover my page i am sending many email on fb and lot off searching but still not recover my page 🙁
    http://www.fb.me/smsfunny this is my page name
    owner name Zoyaan Muhammad.

  • Can any body help me to recover my admin rights for my page, I made some admin but he deleted me from admin list in fact I had the original Id and Page ownership.

    • You can not recover it as I had mentioned in the post above! However, you may try contacting Facebook regarding this!

  • How is it possible is there no any rule in facebook ?

  • zoyaan

    merry i do it any think but not get my page i lose my page 🙁 becouse its my mistake i make one one who remove me and hijack my page i do its emailz fb and other 100 way but no result then i make new page ….. 🙁

  • Thanx Zoyan 🙁

  • Atif patchy pathan

    zoyaan page wapis mila ke nai agar milgaya he to muje b batado kese mila he

    • zoyaan

      no dude not nhi mela so i creat same page and get more high figh fans same page same name :p now my old fans join my new page so now its working fine but heardword with 2 months then my page is going rock.

  • Oh!! I am searching for the solutions as I found I’ll share the information with you guys