Facebook reveals new Features for Android and Apple iOS platforms

Facebook held a mobile centric event at the company headquarters, California, U.S. At this event, Facebook unveiled new features for Android and Apple iOS mobile platforms. According to these features, both these mobile platforms would be updated with Groups and Places feature.

Another feature has been introduced in the Facebook app which is single sign-on. With this feature the user is enabled to sign into Facebook once, and thereafter the user need not re-type the username and password for any other application which provides access to Facebook. The way it works is that you need to sign into Facebook app once after which you need not re-type your login details on any other app which supports single sign-on feature. This feature is very useful for multi-tasking activities.

The next feature which i have mentioned above is Places. This feature will be available on the Facebook app for Google Android platforms. They need to download the Facebook App 1.4 update which will have the Groups and Places feature. With the help of Places, users can broadcast their location to their friends, they get to know the location of their friends, they can tag their friends who are nearby and can also find new places. To know about the Groups feature click here.

That is not all. iPhone and iPod touch also get a new feature called Deals. This feature will be available on the Facebook app with a yellow icon near the user’s location. This icon will let you know about the deals in that place. Tapping on that icon will take you to the shop owner/cashier to claim the discount or gift. Note that these deals are offered by the shop owners and not by Facebook. More details about the deal would be available at the respective business/shop office. You will find various kinds of deals subject to the location.

Well, these apps will surely make you an addict to Facebook:)

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