Find Who Unfriends You On Facebook Using Unfriend Finder

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Being the biggest Social Network, there are millions of people who rely on Facebook for friendship. Most of you would have made new friends on Facebook. It is addictive but can lead to some good relationships too. You always get a notification when someone accepts your friend request but you don’t get any notification when someone rejects your friend request. Isn’t that unfair on Facebook’s part? However, Unfriend Finder helps you find who unfriends you on Facebook by giving you a notification of who rejected your friend request. Also, it lets you know who removed you from their friends list.

Unfriend Finder is a script that works with Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Here is what this script does:

It notifies you when

  • A friend of yours unfriends you
  • Someone rejects your friend request
  • A friend deactivates his/her facebook account
  • A friend reactivates his/her facebook account
  • Someone ignores your friend request (there is a difference between ignoring and rejecting ;))
  • Shows you all the pending friend requests in one page
  • Backup a list of people who unfriended you (would the list be huge? :P)

Find Who Unfriends you On Facebook

You can install the script from the link at the end of the post while I show you my experience with this awesome script.

Here is an image of the notification I got when my friend unfriended me (not really ;))

Find who unfriends you on Facebook

Also, you get another button on top right of the page near Home which shows you who has unfriended you.

Find who rejects friend request on facebook

The Settings page gives you options using which you can specify when you wish to be notified.

Find who unfriends you

The above images show that this script is highly customizable and gives you a variety of options.

This script has been in existence from a long time but became unusable after some recent changes in Facebook. However, the developers have updated it and it works really well now 🙂

Install Unfriend Finder

  • I think this is pretty funny…I think facebook has grown to the point where most of the people Im friends with I still don’t talk to…might as well unfriend them 🙂

  • Is this for real? I thought this was HOAX? I thought this was one strategy of hackers in hacking somebody’s account? Sorry 🙂 Anyway, can you teach how to install this plug-in or software, I think? Very curious on who really did unfriend back on facebook. Thank you

    • Installation depends on the browser you use! Pretty easy on Chrome 🙂

  • Oh.. will this work on Mozilla? If not, then it lead me no choice but to download the browser 😛

    • Yes it will work on Mozilla. Make sure you have installed Greasemonkey on Mozilla!

  • I think it is like we know one part of the thing but the other part is not able to get, but from this unfriend finder it looks easy now to find the one who unfriends you.

  • This guide and this tool really helpful! The tool looks really awesome. Unfortunately, I’m not able to see the script for this tool. Where is that? I cannot see anything at the bottom of this post.