Automatically Forward Text Messages From Phone to PC [Android]

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If you have been working on the PC, it becomes quit difficult for you to chat with someone on your mobile or check your mobile for text messages. This trick will make your work easier but all you need is an Android phone. Previously I had written about how to turn on your PC from your Android phone, and now I will show you how to forward text messages from phone to PC and also reply to text messages using your PC. The message you send from your PC will be delivered to the other end with your own number in the sender ID. So you don’t need to worry if the SMS you send will be sent from an unusual number or name.


DeskSMS is a wonderful free Android application which lets you forward texts to your PC. You will have to stay online on an IM service like Google Talk or even Gmail. You can also receive text messages in your browser if you install the Add-On for Firefox/Extension for Chrome.

DeskSMS Android

All you need to do is download DeskSMS on your Android phone (download links below), link your Google Account with the application. Now you will receive text messages into Google talk or Gmail. If you wish to receive SMS on your Browser, you can download the Add-On for Firefox or a Chrome Extension. DeskSMS also has a web interface.

You can also use Google Voice to receive Text messages on your PC. But Google Voice is currently available only in the U.S.

  • Pretty nice app this DeskSMS, should cater to many peoples’ needs. The fact that you can also get plugins for two of the most popular browsers definitely helps. I only wish there would also be one for Opera.

  • I never knew about this before until i visited this site, all i know before we can use our mobile phone when using or creating and account in Gmail. this is a better plug-in i recently known. my thanks to you i really appreciate this good info.

  • I really appreciate this tips and help you have shared , it is quite useful for every one you’ve given us an Idea.

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    i want to know how to get all my sent and recieved text auto sent to my email

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    i dont have a android

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    Can I forward SMS Messages from an ordinary old [pre Smart ‘phone] Mobile to DeskSMS for Firefox