Get Free Access To High Speed Usenet File Downloads [Giveaway]

BlogoTech always aims at providing the best to its readers. We have been delivering useful content since past 7 months and we have also announced a Giveaway earlier, the TechBlog WordPress Theme. Today we are excited to announce another Giveaway, the Binverse Usenet Premium Accounts Giveaway.

Our friends at Binverse have been kind enough to provide us with 5 Premium Usenet accounts (each with 50GB of high speed downloads). Trust me, I have personally tested the speed of downloads and it exceeded 1 Mbps. If you have a better internet connection than mine, the speed would me much faster.

Read on to see how you can win one of these accounts for yourself.


What is Usenet?

Usenet is a world-wide network of servers that store text messages and files (known as binaries) which are uploaded by users.

Users upload binaries to Usenet which are then available for all other users to download. Usenet is a decentralized network, which means that uploads are stored on many different Usenet severs around the world.

Binverse provides all-in-one premium access to Usenet making downloading simple and easy.


What Can You Find on Usenet?

It has long been rumored that Usenet is dead. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact today, Usenet stores a massive amount of information, estimated at more than 800 Terabytes of user uploads. More than 8 Terabytes of data are uploaded to Usenet every 24 hours!

And these days almost nothing gets deleted from Usenet, making it possible for you to find nearly anything you are looking for.

Why makes Binverse Special?

Binverse makes downloading from Usenet safe and easy. With Binverse, you get all of the following:

· Super Fast Downloads – Binverse doesn’t limit the speed of your connection. This means you can download as fast as your internet connection will allow. No more waiting around for that download to finish.

· Privacy & Security – Binverse includes 256-bit encrypted connections with every account. This is the same level of security your bank uses online.

· Advanced Usenet Software – The Binverse software is really what sets Binverse apart. The software is simple to use. It even provides you the ability to preview audio, video and image files before downloading so you can make sure you are getting the right file the first time.

· Built-In Usenet Search – With so much information available you need a way to find what you are looking for quickly. Binverse’s built-in search engine makes it easy to search Usenet.

· Easy 1-2-3 Setup – Just download the software, put in your username and password and you are ready to download. Everything comes pre-configured for you.


What You Will Win?

These special accounts for BlogoTech readers come with 50GB of high speed downloads, and no expiration date. So you have as long as you need to use up your 50GB.

You’ll have access to the 800+ Terabytes of user uploads available for you to download whenever you like.

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