General Motors Introduce Mobile -Controlled Cars

An excellent use of technology can be seen in the mobile-controlled cars by General Motors. So if you possess a GM car, you can control it right from your mobile phone. You can unlock your car, activate horn, check oil and fuel levels, tyre pressure and you can even start your car’s engine with your mobile phone regardless of wherever you may be but obviously, your car must be a GM car which comes with an embedded mobile phone.

This technology is actually intended to automatically detect accidents but there is lot more that you can do with these mobile-controlled cars. To use these features, you should possess an iPhone or Android device. All you need to do is, download the application on your device and start using it. This OnStar service may not support the present models but the future models will support it for sure.

Currently these cars are available only in the U.S and only with General Motors. Other cars will follow suit within sometime. Researchers at University of California say that this technology can be hacked. The way to hack is that the hacker needs to connect his/her laptop to the diagnostic port which is not so simple.

So wouldyou like to have a mobile-controlled car?? Your views are welcome in the comment form below:)

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