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A few hours back I had been watching Mark Zuckerberg live at the F8 revealing some awesome changes that would occur on Facebook. The major change would be the Timeline which makes you share your thoughts in a much better way, thanks to the cover of the timeline. If you have to search for something you had shared on Facebook earlier, you might use a third party service like social searching as it is really inconvenient to scroll down your wall and search for something, It is practically impossible if you had shared it a few months back and hence the Timeline has been introduced.

The timeline lets you vie your updates according to months and years which would be displayed on the right. It also divides your updates into small boxes giving your profile a cool look. You can also feature a post on your timeline, which would make the post feature in full width and hence more noticeable. An example of it can be seen below.

Feature a post on Facebook timeline

How To Enable Facebook Timeline on your Profile

This is quite easy and I will show you how to enable Facebook timeline on your profile.

1. You need to go to Facebook developer page for which you can click here.

2. If you have not developed an app yet, you need to allow Developer access your basic information.

3. Now click on Create New App at the top right corner.

Facebook create new app

4. After this you will see the page shown below. You can enter anything in the App Display Name and App Namespace field as it does not matter. Click on Continue. You will be asked to enter a captcha to verify that you are a human.

Facebook app

5. Now you would see the following page. Click on Open Graph at the right,

Open Graph Facebook

6. You will now see the Open Graph getting started page. You can enter some random words as I have entered below. After this, click on Get Started.

Open Graph  Getting Started   Facebook Developers

7. A new page appears. You just need to scroll down the page and click on Save Changes and Next and repeat this step for the following page.

Facebook Open Graph

8. This if the final page you would see. Again you don’t need to do anything but wait for sometime and then go to your Facebook homepage.

Open Graph   Facebook Developers

9. When you go to your Facebook homepage, you would see an option to get the new Facebook timeline.

Facebook timeline

10. Click on Get it Now and you will be able to see your Facebook timeline 🙂

Get Facebook timeline


Your timeline would be live but only developers could see it. It would be visible to everyone by September 29, 2011. If you wish to access your timeline from a different computer, you need to visit

username is your Facebook username or your Facebook profile id which can be found from your Facebook profile URL.

If you have any questions regarding the new profile or the timeline, feel free to comment below.

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  • Great post, It looks really simple to get timeline feature. You said that timeline will be visible to public by September 29, 2011…. so does that mean FB going to launch timeline feature on same date?

    • Yes, all profiles will have the timeline feature by default by September 29. They need not follow the steps mentioned in the post to get Timeline!

  • Noticed they’ve made some changes in there, and the timeline sounds like one of the better ones, but setting it up can pose some serious problems to normal users.
    Well, maybe not if they have your great tutorial as help.

  • Celestine

    I like this post ..I learn a lot though I had a face book account already..This is very informative and useful.Thanks for a great sharing..

  • sarad agarwal

    hey m having a prob while enabling the timeline….wheneva m entering the captcha…m getting the same page wr we enter our dislpay name…saying “Your account must be verified before you can take this action. Please verify your account by adding your mobile phone or credit card.”….i tried it several times but ending up wth the same stuff…plz help me out…!!

    • You must click on the link which says verify your account and enter your phone number. A code will be sent to your number and the same code must be entered in Facebook too. Regarding privacy, your number will not be visible on your profile 🙂

  • It’s October 6th and my facebook doesn’t have the timeline.

    • Jade, I guess then it might differ with different localities! I could find many Indians getting the Timeline by default without trying out this method! You can still try this out if you want the timeline!

  • Hi Lalit,

    Very interesting article about how to activate Facebook timeline profile as a developer. Facebook recently launched this profile in F8 conference and some what i like this new design of Facebook profile.

  • google got its’ hustlers,
    yahoo got its’ bums,
    facebook got a new timeline, a smooth flowin’ lifetime sum.
    it’s big & bright, a pure delight,
    it’ll keep facebook number one!