Girl killed herself, after her dad posted this to her wall: A Facebook Scam

This is article number 100 on BlogoTech and today I would like to spread some awareness regarding some malicious scammers on Facebook who used the story of a girl, Emma who committed suicide on the Christmas Eve,2008 because of some status updates that were aimed at her. Let us know something about this scam.

Girl killed herself after her dad posted this to her wall

I noticed this status update on many of my friends’ walls on Facebook and also received this message in chat! This was sent automatically and not by my friends.

You are provided with a link in this update and when you click on this link, you will be taken to a page on Facebook which asks you to like it in order to view the story. Have a look at this page:


The scammers also use some clickjacking techniques which would trick you into sharing this message as a status update on Facebook and the result is:

girl killed herself updates

By doing this, you are granting permission to a third party app to post updates to your profile and the end result of this is that you will be taken to a page where you need to complete a survey and this is the source of money for these scammers. Even the apps on Facebook like FarmVille and Texas HoldEm Poker were involved in transmitting user information which was later solved by Facebook

When I searched for the page on Facebook, I could find this:

Are you a Victim of this page?

If yes, then you need to clean up your profile. Check out the list of pages that you like and remove such pages from your list.

Go to Account->Privacy Settings->Apps and Websites and remove unwanted or spammy apps. I’m sure you must be having many apps who have permission to access to your data.

Do share this with all your friends to let them know about this Facebook scam and secure your Facebook account.

The Original Story

The name of the girl was Emma who committed suicide at the Christmas eve, 2008 as a result of some status updates which were aimed at her. You can see the horrible status updates and comments below:

emma suicide facebook


Do not be shocked because this is a hoax. I don’t ask you to believe it because  this story begun with a page “Teenager committed SUICIDE because of THIS status update – Leaked from 2008” which claimed that Emma committed suicide in 2008. As you can see from the image above, 2 people have liked the status update. Well, the like button was introduced only in 2010. So now you can be sure that this is a false story.
I had presently discovered this scam on one my friend’s wall. This is how it looks:

Girl Killed herself After her dad posted this to her Wall

Safeguard Yourself From Facebook Scams

If you have been infected by such Facebook scams or if you have been posting spams on your friends’ wall, check the link below to safeguard yourself.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Facebook Scams

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