Gmail To Get a New Design [Leaked Video]

You must be aware of the new Gmail Sign in page which is almost similar to the design of Google+.  But now, Gmail as a whole has been redesigned (though not revealed yet). This news is not official, but it would have been so if Google had not made their official announcement on YouTube private. A video from Google channel explains the new look of Gmail but very soon they made it private, perhaps the Gmail team still has a few tricks left up its sleeve! However, you can find the video at the end of this post.

New Gmail Design

Some of the new features of Gmail include:

  • New Search box with Advanced search options being more prominent.
  • Create Filters from Search Box
  • Improved conversations with profile pictures.
  • Display Density options
  • Different colors for different labels!
  • Themes updated with higher resolution wallpapers.


Watch the official announcement made by Google:

[youtube wQJJakwiaIc nolink]


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