Google Adds Offline Support to Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs

An interesting announcement from the Google Blog conveys how to use Gmail, Calendar and Docs without an Internet Connection. This means that Google has added offline support to Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs. This seems to be very interesting as you can work with these services though you don’t have an Internet connection. This was already available in the Google Chromebooks and now you can use these services without an Internet connection from Chrome too. Let us see how to use Gmail without an Internet Connection.

Use Gmail in Offline Mode

You can now check your mails without an internet connection. This does not mean that you can check new mails, as this is not possible but you can search for and also view your mails which you have already received.

Offline Gmail

To get started with this, install the Offline Google Mail Extension. After you install, Chrome will open a new tab which shows with an Offline Google Mail app. Click on it and allow Offline mail. The offline mail will open and it has an awesome Interface. You can preview mails to your right, just like the way you can enable preview pane in traditional Gmail.  However except j and k, no other shortcuts will work out.

Use Google Calendar in Offline Mode

Offline Google Docs

To use Google Calendar in Offline mode, you need to install the Google Calendar Extension and then head over to Google Calendar, click on Settings, Offline. This will again open up a new tab with the Offline Google Calendar App.

Use Google Docs in Offline Mode

Offline Google Calendar

To use Google Docs without an Internet connection, you need to install the Google Docs Extension in your Chrome Browser. Similar to the above two, this will again one up a new tab with the Google Docs app.

These advancements in Google’s services would obviously enhance its users’ experience, but the question is will it be possible in other browsers like Firefox?

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