Preorders for Google Chromebook from June 15th, Would You Buy?

Google ChromebookThe search giant had revealed the Chromebook on the Google I/O. Most of you would be knowing about the idea behind this, it obviously runs on the Chrome OS. As Google says, it is for those who hate laptops and desktops. What is this then actually? It is a laptop but it doesn’t work like the traditional ones which you have with those files, programs and lots of messy applications dumped into it. It is web in a “computer-like object” where you can do almost anything.

P.S These are Google’s words and not mine 😛 Please read below to see what else the Chromebook would possess.

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Startup Time: 8 Seconds

Amazing, isn’t it? So your Chromebook starts and connects you to the internet in 8 seconds unlike your traditional laptops. Apart from this it also has full support for the latest web standards and Adobe Flash.Samsung Series 5 Google Chromebook

Built-in Wi-Fi and 3G

As soon as it boots up, it connects you to the internet with the built-in Wi-Fi and 3G. An additional benefit along with this is that the 3G models include 100MB of wireless data from Verizon Wireless.

Storage in the Google Cloud

This is a distinguishing feature of the Chromebook which makes it different from the laptops. Your files are stored in the Google Cloud. So even if you lose your Chromebook, you can buy another one (if you are wealthy enough :P) and get your documents and files back. Anyway this puts a question on the security of your files, would you be sure that your account won’t get hacked? Local storage is always better than Cloud storage when security is concerned.

What if you are not connected to the Internet?

The biggest question, and obviously the deciding one for you to buy it. The answer to this is that when you are not connected to the internet, functionality which needs internet connection will not work. So what could be left? A few offline working apps like games or spreadsheets or photo editors.

How much will it cost you?

Only Wi-Fi models:

Acer Chromebook: $349

Samsung Series 5: $429

The 3G model price has not been yet confirmed for Acer while for Samsung, the 3G version costs $499.

This price is for regular consuers. The Education institutions can buy it by paying monthly $20 while enterprises can buy it by paying $23 monthly assuming that they will buy at least 10 Chromebooks.

When and Where can you buy it?

Obviously online after June 15th if you are in US, UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy or Spain. Other countries will get it in the coming months, I hope Google doesn’t let India wait long 😀

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