Google Cloud Print: Print Any Document From Your Phone Without Using Any Software

Cloud Printing from Google is now live. Google had announced this on its Blog yesterday. Cloud Print is a beta service from Google for mobile doucments and Gmail mobile web app for English language users.

cloud printgoogle cloud print

If you are on your way to office and you have a document in your smartphone which needs to be printed when you are into your office, what would you do? Obviously you would wait till you reach the right place for getting it printed. But now Google’s Cloud Printing makes your work simpler. This is how it works:

To get started with cloud printing you need to connect your Printer to Google Cloud Print. This will require a Windows PC (only once) as it is not available for Mac and linux (expect it to release soon :)).

Next step is to open any Google Cloud Print Supported app and click on Print (wherever it might be available). This step varies for different apps. For example, if your are Using Chrome OS, you can click “Print” or Ctrl+P if you want to print any webpage. And the page is printd without the use of any software.

Using this wonderful service, users can rely on Google’s cloud printers to print documents from Desktop or Mobile. At present Google Cloud Print service for mobile platforms works only on the HTML5 supporting mobile web browsers. That’s because both mobile web apps, Google Docs and Gmail, have been tweaked with HTML5 richness. Even the Apple devices running iOS 3.0 or higher and all Android phones with Android 2.1 or higher updates will also be able to utilise this service.

This service is available for latest beta version of Chrome browser for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

You also have an alternative for Google’s Cloud Print and that is Apple AirPrint.  But Apple AirPrint requires compatible printers. So you better go for Clouds 😛 (Cloud Printing :D)

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