Google+ Public Posts Affect SEO

Google has been using data from Social media sites to rank websites in search results. A post from SEOmoz explains this well. And now when Google has developed social network you might wonder is Google will use Google+ data to rank sites on Google+ and the answer is yes, it does. All public posts on Google are indexed by the search engine and here is how I could prove it.

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A few days back, I had written about how to find people on Google+ and I shared it on my Google+ profile ading a few words “Feeling lonely on Google+? Try this!”.lonely on google+

Now I searched for “Feeling lonely on Google+” and I could see this in the search results:Google+ SEO

The link leads to my Google+ profile and not to the post which I had shared. The same post has moved down the stream so I don’t think links to profiles in search results will help people reach your website!

But this would be helpful if you do not have many public posts in your profile! People who reach your profile through organic search will be able to see your post and hence reach your blog/website. Make sure you use appropriate keywords while sharing links on Google+.

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