Google+ Rolls Out Verified Badges, Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Get One

Are you sure that the celebrity whom you are adding on Google+ is really the one who pretends to be? Fake profiles would always exist in a social network. Google has been suspending such Fake profiles. Was you profile suspended? Here is how to recover suspended Google+ profile. Suspension would not end things and hence, Google+ has released verified badges.

A post on Google+ by Wen-Ai Yu from the Google+ team confirms this. The badges are similar to the verified badges on Twitter but are grey checkmarks. When you hover on the badge, you see it expanding which says “verified name”.

Larry Page-Mark Zuckerberg Google+There are many celebrities who have got these badges but what many people wonder is that Why didn’t mark Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of Facebook get a Verified Badge? The post from Wen-Ai Yu says that only celebrities, public figures and people who have been added to a large number of circles are being given the verified badge. But when you look at the profiles, you would see that Mark Zuckerberg has the most number of followers on Google+, more than Larry Page himself. However, the verification badge can be seen on Larry Page’s profile and not on profiles of Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Rose and Tom Anderson.

Update: Mark Zuckerberg got a verified badge later as informed in a comment by Chaitanya.

A few more things which are not clear are: how are celebrities and public figures asked to verify their profiles? By how many users must a person be added to get a verified badge? How can people who are new to Google+ find these verified profiles? How ever you can check Recommended Users here. All these questions would remain a mystery unless Google makes another announcement regarding the verified badges.

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