HOW TO: Disable Facebook Sidebar Ticker

After a recent announcement by Facebook to update their new privacy features, they have now introduced the Facebook sidebar ticker. I have already discussed about a few reasons why I love & hate the Facebook sidebar in my previous post. You can also refer it if you haven’t seen the ticker yet. The sidebar ticker might be annoying for many of them, hence this post is for those people who really find it annoying and unnecessary. Facebook sidebar ticker can be removed only in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as of now. If you know any method to remove it in other browsers, kindly update me by dropping a comment below.

Remove Facebook Sidebar Ticker in Chrome

I have been using Chrome Browser for a long time and as usual, a Chrome Extension is available to disable the Facebook sidebar ticker. To remove the sidebar ticker, you can install the Hide Facebook Ticker Extension for Google Chrome. This will hide the entire sidebar and will make your homepage look much cleaner.Hide Facebook Sidebar Ticker

Remove Facebook Sidebar Ticker in Firefox

When there is an extension for Chrome, there is always a script for Mozilla Firefox. To hide Facebook sidebar ticker in Firefox, you need to install this userscript on your browser. The function of this script is same as that of the extension for Chrome.

Hopefully, this will enhance your Facebook experience but it is limited to Chrome and Firefox. For other browsers, kindly let us know through your comments

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