HOW TO Hide Your Facebook Email Address From Third Party Apps

You must have been aware of Facebook’s privacy breach where user’s data was being sold to third party apps and it was later solved by Facebook. This is one reason why I don’t use apps like Farmville, as they keep sending emails and notifications. Your email address might also be leaked to other advertisers along with Farmville and as a result, your inbox becomes a home of advertisements.

But if you like to keep your email address private, you can get a temporary email id from Facebook and the temporary email id will be show to FarmVille. Emails sent by FarmVille would be sent to the temporary email id which Facebook creates and then forwarded to your actual Email id. This ensures tat your email id is kept private and is not revealed to third party apps.

Request for Permission change email address

You can do this when the app asks for permission to send you emails. Just click on “Change” link under “Send me Email”. Facebook shows you a temporary email id which will mask your original one, hence keeping your email id private.

anonymous facebook email address

This clearly shows Facebook is trying hard to prevent users from migrating to Google+ by introducing features like this along with Facebook Video and Group Chat.

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