HOW TO Add Facebook Subscribe Button to Websites

The Facebook Subscribe Button for Websites is live just a day after announcing. By now you must be aware of the functionality of the Subscribe Button for profiles. When you subscribe to a user on Facebook, you would be able to see all the public posts of that user in your News Feed. The Subscribe Button for Websites has the same functionality.

Bloggers and Webmasters can now add a subscribe button to their websites which would let visitors subscribe to their public posts just by clicking on the subscribe button without actually visiting their profile on Facebook.

The Subscribe Button for my profile is live in the sidebar—>

Add Facebook Subscribe Button to Websites

How To Add Subscribe Button to Your Blog/Website

Similar to the Like button, the Subscribe Button can be added using the XFBML version or iFrame.

The XFBML version uses the JavaScript SDK, and provides more versatility, such as dynamic resizing, and the ability to act on subscribe events in real time. To add the Subscribe Button copy the following codes and paste it in your website/blog’s theme:



For HTML5-compliant markup:

The Subscribe Button would let Bloggers gain more number of subscribers as people need not visit their profile to subscribe to their public updates. What do you think?

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