How To Analyze Your Blog For Better SEO

Which web tool would you use for analyzing your Blog’s SEO performance or to measure the number and quality of backlinks you get from other website? Perhaps you might use Google Webmasters or Google Analytics. But here is a tool which analyzes your Blog completely. Let me show you how it works for analyzing BlogoTech.

Analyzing your Blog

Blog Analyzer for SEOThe Blog analyzer shows various data related to SEO for your Blog like the authority, Traffic and Wuzz Rank. The authority is based upon the quality and quantity of incoming links which is measured on a scale of 0-100. The traffic is also measured on the same scale and is a result of the alexa and compete rank. The Wuzz rank is a combination of Web+Buzz and is a result of your Blog’s popularity in the social media measured on a scale of 0-10. Apart from this it also shows the number of indexed pages by Google, Yahoo and Bing.

This also shows you the Technorati authority for your Blog along with its rank for various authorities. You can also find the number of indexed pages by Google, Yahoo and Bing. A brief data of your feed, article analysis on social media and Keyword tool is also available on the same page.

Analyzing Quality and Quantity of Incoming Links

This would be available after you sign up on the Site Explorer Page and shows you the Top Pages linking to your site along with the top referring domains linking to your Blog. It also shows the last crawl rate and a graph showing external backlinks. Have a look at the screenshots below

Referring DomainsBacklinks to Blog

Determine your Neighbourhood

This is really essential if you are using shared hosting for your Blog. This tool shows you the sites hosted along with yours on the same server. If those sites are spammy, it would also affect your site. You can alternatively use Reverse IP look up for the same.

SERP Analysis

This tool lets you test your page for a particular keyword. You need to enter the keyword and the URL of the page and it will show you an extensive report for that page like the title optimization, keyword optimization and content optimization. But you can use this only once and you need to pay for further usage.

Check Duplicate Content

This tool helps you to compare two URLs to check the similarity of content. There  might be blogs where the first and last paragraphs might have original content and the content lying in between might have been copied from some other popular Blog. This tool would prove useful in such cases.

These were a few useful tools I have mentioned above. Other tools include link structure, backlink hunter, link popularity and more.

Do let me know how you found these tools. Did this article help you in analyzing your Blog in a better way? If you liked it, you can subscribe to our content or connect with us on Facebook.

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