How To Check Your PC for Shutdown and Startup Log

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At some point of time you may want to know the startup and shut down time of you PC.  Probably for security reasons or something else which might be personal. You can do this by using Event viewer which is a Microsoft Management Console. Using Event Viewer, you can view even logs on your PC and monitor your PCs health.

If you want to view the shutdown and startup time of your PC, follow the steps listed below:

1. Go to Start->Run and type eventvwr.msc and hit enter. You will see this:

Event Viewer

2. Click on System which will be seen on the left pane.

3. Under the Event Tab, look for the following codes and double click on them

Event 6005

6005-System Startup- The message displayed on double click is “The Event log service was started.”

System startup

6006-System Shutdown- The message displayed on double click is “The Event log service was stopped.”

6009- This event is started at every boot and on double click it displays the operating system version, build number, service pack level and other essential data about the system.

Using this you can view the time of startup and shutdown of your PC.

  • At first i thought here i’ll get a way to increase PC shutdown or startup speed but its different.

    • The title reads something different from what you expected Irfan! You can increase the shutdown speed by changing its corresponding value from the registry..

  • First I thought like Irfan that in this post you’ll show how to increase speed of PC shutdown and start up. But this little trick it’s interesting, too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Increasing PC shutdown speed is also a very easy process, u just need to kill the value in the REGEDIT. It can be easily found on Google!