How To Convert Your Facebook Profile to a Business Page

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A much awaited feature from Facebook which would help some business and public figures is the Profile to Business Page migration tool that has been recently released by Facebook. Using this tool, you can convert your Facebook profile to a Business Page.

Facebook Profile to Business Page Migration

This tool would really be helpful to Business owners who have accumulated a lot of friends in their profile. So instead of creating a Page and starting from 0, they can convert all their friends into fans.

If you have decided to convert you Profile into a Facebook page, do consider the following points:

  • Your Profile photo would be transferred to the Page
  • All other information like album photos and likes will disappear once migrated
  • Download your Profile Information before you migrate
  • If you have more than 100 friends, you can not rename the Page


This tool might not be useful for most of them but it will surely prove good for public figures and business owners. Facebook has set a friend limit of 5,000 for all users, so business owners who have reached this level can surely convert their profile into a business page and connect with more people around the Globe.


A disadvantage is that users who were your friends will not be notified that their friendship has been converted into like. Moreover, this migration is irreversible. So once you have converted your Profile into a Business page, you can not revert back to your Profile.

What do you think about this new tool released by Facebook? Do let me know.

  • Nice tips you share here, it a pleasure to read your blog, I learn a lot of things from your blog.

  • what happens to the username created and the email you get from project titan. If the username becomes the page url then this trick would be useful to get a Facebook page url for less than 25 fans. And how to login to the fan page that is who would be the admin?

    • According to the new features of Facebook, you can use Facebook as a page also! You will login with the same email id and password and you would have those Facebook messages and email even after migration. And yes, your profile url will be the page url. Thanks for this comment, I should have written about all this in the post :P. But I’m sorry I didn’t get your point about less than 25 fans!

  • If you say that messages remain then those migrating have an extra edge of email.
    by 25 fans i mean that for a fan page to have a Facebook url eg you need minimum of 25 fans for that. But if you create a profile, set a username then convert it into fan page then voila! you have a Facebook url even though you don’t have 25 fans

    • Oh that’s cool! I didn’t know about that! Thanks for the information 🙂

  • Hi Lalit,
    Great information. I didn’t know this facebook tool before. Sounds good to me and also interesting. Now, have to try it for my page. Thanks to you Lalit , for providing such a useful info. 🙂


    • Glad to know that you liked it Lucus! But you can try it for your profile and not your page! 🙂

  • Nice article but I hardly get time to manage Facebook now, Every blogger should have a separate profile for their personal life too however we never get time for this….

  • If you are running any business then business promotions is very important and facebook i sbest place for do this. Because facebook can help you for adv your business directly to its users.

  • Jason Wright

    Be VERY careful with doing this!!! I just converted my profile with 2500+ people (business contacts) and the new page shows I have 0 people who like my page. I hope this is some lag in their system, but I expect that I have lost all of these contacts now. Thanks Facebook!

    • Thats really shocking to be known! I do hate facebook Can you reveal your Facebook Page URL?

    • Joy A. Rogers

      I’m researching about the FB migration tool, before I try it with a client.. was wondering if Jason Wright got his page fixed? & who else has used the tool successfully?

    • I guess he couldn’t have got it fixed as ths migration is irreversible. Moreover Facebook does not provide support! So he would not have got his connections back. Be careful Joy 🙂

    • Joy A. Rogers

      Yes.. I will be careful.. it will be before the migration, in the mean time I will hopefully find others who have used the tool successfully.. if anyone knows or hears of success/failure with this tool please let me know.. Thank you! Lalit, your blog is really looking awesome!! I will be sharing for sure! [email protected]

    • Thanks for the compliment Joy! I am glad that you really like my Blog 🙂

    • Lalit, he might have got his fans back. FB databases sometimes update late, happens with me many times. just search him out and ask him 😛

    • Possible! I have mailed him, but in vain! No reply…

  • Olivia Williams

    I personally have facebook page but I never know that it will turn into business oage, it is kinda a great idea and I will try it out.