How To Get Rid of Facebook Polls And Questions in Your News Feed

You might be liking Facebook Questions and Polls  but only when your number of friends is a low figure. When its huge, you might get annoyed of the Questions and Polls on your  Facebook News Feed (the Home Page). I personally don’t like these questions and polls as it is quite difficult for me to see what is going on with my friends and I do miss some important status updates and photos of my friends. So here is a trick to disable or hide Facebook Querstions and Polls in News Feed.

Google Chrome Extensions

Hide Facebook Questions is a Chrome Extension that hides all the Questions on Facebook from your News Feed and also from other pages too. Here is the screenshot from Hide Facebook Questions:
Hide Facebook QuestionsAn alternative to Hide Facebook Questions is Kill Facebook Questions.

Using Chrome extensions, you can also customize the look of Facebook as a whole and add a dislike button.

Mozilla Firefox Extensions

Be honest and tell me, don’t you hate this?Application Spam

Obviously most of you would give a positive answer. Here is the fix:

Facebook purity is a firefox extension that can actually clean up your Facebook Home Page, customize your news feed and make it look as you want it to. Apart from hiding Questions and polls, it hides the application spam messages and also hides updates like “X” updated his profile, changed profile picture, attending or created an event, likes a page and lot more annoying junk stuff can be hidden using this extension.

When you use Firefox, you need to install the Greasemonkey script before using this extension.

Facebook Purity is also available for Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Other Browsers

If you are not using any of the above browsers then you can try Better Facebook. You still have an exception of Microsoft Internet Explorer though! Better Facebook also customizes your Facebook Homepage the way you want it to be.

The above tools can surely make your Facebook News Feed a clean one as you have total control over it.

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