How To Find Out If Your Mail Has Been Read

Have you sent an email to your girlfriend or boyfriend and want to know if he/she has read your mail or not? Do you wish to find out your email recipient’s details like IP Address or the Browser used by him/her? Spying people is always fun! Here is a cool Internet Application, SPYPIG which would be helpful for you in the above mentioned tasks. If you wish to trace the location from which an email was sent to you, check this.

What does SPYPIG Provide?

  • The IP address of the recipient
  • The Browser using which the mail sent by you was viewed
  • The Number of times your mail was opened [Maximum 25 can be counted]
  • The time gap after which your mail was read.

How to use SPYPIG?

Use SPYPIGThis is what you would see after you go to SPYPIG.

  • Enter your email address to which you would like to receive the notification which contains the recipient’s details.
  • Enter your Message Title
  • Choose a SPYPIG tracking image. You can also use your own image
  • Copy the image in your email within 60 seconds. Make sure you’re using an HTML email, not a plain-text or rich-text email.
  • Now you can send the email as usual and you will receive a notification when your mail is read along with the details of the recipient!

This Application is usually used in email marketing to find conversion rate! But there are no rules on using this application, moreover it is free and can be used numerous times as you wish!

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