HOW TO Get Back Old YouTube Design & Homepage

A few days back we leaked out the new YouTube design before it was officially out . The new design reflects to the changes in the new Google Bar and the recent redesign of Google. However there are many who are not happy with this design of YouTube. So here is a way to switch back to old YouTube design easily. This trick is only for Firefox, Chrome and Opera users. Tough luck for Internet Explorer Users, it’s high time to switch to any of these three browsers 🙂

old youtube design

Switch Back to Old YouTube Design in Chrome

It is quite easy for Chrome users. All you need to do is, install Youtube Switch Back To Old Design Script. When you head over to the user script page, just click on install and an extension will be installed in your Chrome browser. Refresh your YouTube page and see the old design 🙂

Switch Back to Old YouTube Design in Firefox

The above script must work for Firefox too assuming that you have Greasemonkey installed. However, if you have updated your Firefox browser, it may not work. But here is an alternative. You can install YouTube remove Watched Videos script. This script does the same job as the previous one 🙂

Switch Back to Old YouTube Design in Opera

It is a little longer process for Opera users. Opera loads javascripts from a user-defined folder. To define a folder, press Ctrl+F12 and select Content->Javascript Options. Under the User Javascript folder option, select a folder exclusively for scripts to be used in Opera.

After you are done with this, copy the following code in a text file and save it with any file name. Make sure the extension of the filename is .js

// ==UserScript==
(function() {
	if(/ {
		var cookie = "VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=tYJElFX0sZI";
		if( == -1) {
			cookie += "; expires=" + (new Date(2020, 1, 1)).toGMTString();
			cookie += ";";
			document.cookie = cookie;

Save the text file in the same folder which you had defined in the preferences box.

This should let you see the old YouTube in action again! To revert back to the new design, just delete these scripts. If you face any issues, feel free to comment below 🙂

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