How to Improve Facebook Chat with Awesome new Emoticons

Chatting with your friends would be your favorite task to kill time. If you go back in time you would think of MSN messenger as the best client for chatting. Most of you would still be using it and let’s not forget about Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger. But now it is Facebook where most of the teens spend their time and chat! Most teens are addicted to Facebook and the reason is obviously chatting. I personally don’t like Facebook chat but later I discovered a tool which allows you to use emoticons which are different from the traditional ones.

Using Emoticons in chat is the best way to express your emotions and moreover Facebook is the best social network where one would prefer chatting with family and friends. The usual emoticons for Facebook are “J” or “L”. I don’t think they are that impressive and most of you reading this would perhaps agree with me! How about using some bigger and attractive emoticons? Animated emoticons are really attractive and also help you in conveying your messages in a much better way.


Let me come to the point now. I would suggest you to use Emoinstaller, a free tool which allows you to use such animated and beautiful emoticons. There are hundreds of emoticons for facebook available from which you can choose to display various emotions in your Facebook messages. You can see some of the emoticons in the picture below.

Multi-Browser Support

Emoinstaller works with most major browsers. Emoinstaller is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. I don’t think you would use any other browser other than these three. Once installed, it automatically integrates into Facebook and it is very easy to use.

Facebook emoticons

How to Use Emoinstaller

Using Emoinstaller is very easy. Just download the setup file and run it. After this just restart your browser and you can see a monkey icon in the Facebook Chat window. Just click on it and select the emoticon you want to use. Isn’t it easy? Moreover you can choose any type of emoticons like big ones or the animated ones. You also have the category of emoticons displayed on the side. From the pic below you can see the categories on the side and the size of emoticons on the top. So this shows the variety of emoticons available for you to use.

Emoticon Categories

You are able to select emoticons from different categories.

I have personally tried Emoinstaller and trust me; they are really easy to use and also attractive. I hope that these facebook smileys will convey your emotions in a much better way while chatting on the best social network.


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