HOW TO Install Custom Recovery on LG Optimus Me P350

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LG Optimus Me P350 is a mid range Android device and also affordable. I own an LG Optimus Me and a few hours back I had to install Custom Recovery on the phone. I would like to share the same with you. The custom recovery is based on AmonRA-GNM 2.2.1 but I used the same for 2.2.2 and it worked fine.   Before you proceed with the steps to flash custom Recovery , make sure you check out my guide on how to root the device. The guide has two methods, the first one works when you have not updated the firmware and the second one is for the updated phones.

Please note that custom recovery on an Android phone lets you install custom ROMs and you can also install customized linux kernel. Also, you need to root your phone before you proceed. For better understanding, I have made a video which you can view at the end of this post.

Update: There is an easier way to do this, check this.

DisclaimerBlogoTech is not responsible for any damage that might be caused to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible. Try this at your own risk. This process requires rooting and hence voids the warranty of your device.



  1. Back up all of your applications before you proceed. Since your phone needs to be rooted, you can make use of Titanium Backup
  2. Back up all contacts and SMS to SD Card.
  3. Enable USB Debugging by going to Settings>Applications>Development and make sure USB Debugging is checked.


  • Rooted LG Optimus Me P350
  • Android SDK installed

Steps to Install Custom Recovery

After you have rooted your LG Optimus Me, you can proceed with the steps given below.

  1. Download customrecovery.rar from here.
  2. Extract the contents to a new folder on your PC with password “”
  3. Copy recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img and flash_image to the root of your SD Card.
  4. Enable USB Debugging and connect your phone to the Computer using USB cable.
  5. Open Command Prompt in your Computer and type adb devices. You should see your device connected to the PC listed on the screen. Proceed to the next step is you see your device listed.
  6. Change the directory to the folder where you have extracted the contents of the downloaded file. You can do this by the cd command.
  7. Enter the following commands in Command Prompt:
    adb push recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img /sdcard/
    adb push flash_image /sdcard/

    If you face any issues with this, please check the comment by Daniel below.

  8. Now enter the following commands to install flash_image:
    adb shell
    $ su
    # mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock1 /system
    # cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_image
    # chmod 755 /system/bin/flash_image
    # sync
  9. Disconnect your phone from the Computer and restart it. If you proceed without restarting, you would perhaps face errors like not enough memory on device.
  10. After restarting, connect your phone to the Computer again with USB Debugging enabled.
  11. Enter the following commands in Command Prompt:
    adb shell
    $ su
    # flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img
    # sync
  12. Reboot your phone using the following command:
    # reboot recovery

Your phone must show the recovery mode screen now. You can navigate using the volume buttons and select an option using the Menu button.

  • Dimis2708

    I cant do this… i open cmd and i write adb devices but nothing… adb is not recognised as…. 🙁 help please 🙁

    • Have you enabled USB Debugging? And do you have the LG Drivers installed? Also, you need to download the Tools from the SDK Manager!

    • Then it means you have not installed the Android SDK on your PC. Please download and install it and then install the Platform tools from SDK Manager.

  • shubham ninawe

    wht .,,. is the meaning of … “””root of your sd card”””” ????

    • Root of your SD Card is the SD Card itself and not any other folder inside it.

  • shubham ninawe

    can u explain me the 5th step.. please…..

    • The 5th step says that you should type “adb devices” in Command prompt and hit Enter button. After this you should see a message which shows that your device is attached to the PC!

  • shubham ninawe

    till.,,. 5th step done now .,,.please explain me from onward 6th step to 8th step

  • Dele..

    Will ROM manager work on p350? I’m talking about the “Flash ClockworkMod recovery” option or is the “recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap” the only custom recovery that will work on this device (p350). Thanks for the Tutorials.

    • I have tried it but it did not work for me. I found this method good and easy 😀 Let me know if you face any issues with it 😀

  • Dele..

    Thanks for the fast reply earlier.
    Ive tried this method but got stuck at adb devices
    the only way my pc can see my p350 is if i use the following
    command lines:

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\Users\User>adb devices
    ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    C:\Users\User>cd C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools

    C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb devices
    List of devices attached
    80A356525041694346 device

    C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>cd C:\Users\Default\Desktop

    C:\Users\Default\Desktop>adb push recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img /sdcard/
    ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    C:\Users\Default\Desktop>adb push flash_image /sdcard/

    I extracted the customrecovery.rar to C:\Users\Default\Desktop
    Android SDK installed to C:\Program Files\Android

    Can you see where i went wrong?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Can you copy the folder android-sdk-windows to C:\Users\Default and try?

  • Dele..

    Ok i got it to push. I’ll try to explain it simple enough because i know a lot of people gonna have this problem.

    I extracted the customrecovery.rar to C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools

    So that the abd file and the recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img and flash_image would be in the same folder.

    Then used the following commands:

    C:\Users\User>cd C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools

    C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb devices
    List of devices attached
    80A356525041694346 device

    C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb push recovery-RA-pecan-2
    .2.1-GNM-drap.img /sdcard/
    1710 KB/s (4958208 bytes in 2.830s)

    C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb push flash_image /sdcard
    1650 KB/s (76044 bytes in 0.045s)

    C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>

    Thanks alot for you replies much appreciated.

    • That’s cool. Anyway, I didn’t have it in the platform tools folder and it worked for me and 2 others whom I helped. BTW, thanks for this comment. I will update the post!

  • Dele..

    After i completed the steps i enter the recovery mode screen. when i start my phone and and go to the terminal emulator and type su then reboot recovery on my phone i cant enter the recovery mode menu. i have to go through the steps again. Is there a bottom combo i have to press to enter the recovery mode menu again??

    • You can turn off your phone and then press the Call button + Volume down button and power button to enter into recovery mode. When you see the LG logo, you can release the power button but not the rest two unless you enter into recovery mode.

  • if you install this your phone wont have a hard reset???? please answer 😀

    • No it won’t if you do it properly. To be on the safer side, bakup all data before you proceed!

  • Dele..

    Call button + Volume down button and power button work thanks a million man 🙂

  • teja

    hi, i used the above method and everything is good until the 8th step, after copying and pasting the commands in the 8th step im getting “access denied”,after completion of all the steps too i am not booting into the recovery screen plzz help me

    • Do you have Superuser installed? You should have the latest version of Superuser. If not, update it via Market. Also you should update your Su binary to version 3.0 To do this, open Superuser and press menu button and select “preferences” and tap on the Su binary to update it!

  • The hard reset will be gone

    • No, you can do that via the recovery mode. I have read somewhere that a reset via settings is less efficient than the reset via recovery mode!

  • teja

    i have followed every step but my phone is not rebooting into recovery plzz helpme

    • Do you mean that your phone resets factory data when you type “reboot recovery”?

    • teja

      no not factory data reset,nothing is happening at all,i have latest version of su,wen i do the 8th step it said access denied,but i continued to the last step but nothing is happening,my software version is v10f (updated via kdz updater)plzz help me

  • teja

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, made some mistake it seems ,working fn now, thnks

    • neel

      can u plz tell me ur mistake even i’m facing the same

  • nikolaiffb

    I have problem.
    Whet i tried to put “adb push recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img /sdcard/” am getting error because my memory card in Read-Only?
    Can you help me?

    • Are you rooted? What is the exact error you get on screen? If you get an error that your memory card is Read-Only, use Root explorer application, open the SD Card and click on the button on top which says “Mount R/W” Hope that helps!

  • nikolaiffb

    Error was : Read-Only File System.

    My Solution/Mistake : When I plug USB cable i chose “Turn On USB Storage”. I shouldn’t do that. Soo I plug USB cable and don’t touch anything on the phone 🙂
    This solve problem.


  • How to install Android SDK?

  • I’m typing adb devices in cmd but adb is not recognized……….. help me please

    • Which version of Windows do you use? If Windows 7, you must find a folder in C:\android-skd-windows\platform-tools\ If yes, change the directory to this folder by using the command “cd C:\android-skd-windows\platform-tools\” and then type “adb devices”

    • I use windows xp

    • Then change the directory to the folder where you have installed the Android SDK. Also, open SDK manager.exe and check if you have installed tools!

    • what directory?

    • “cd” command is used to change directory. Directory is also known as folder. Anyway, just tell me where have you installed the Android SDK. If on XP, you might find it in C:\Program files\Android\” Let me know what folders you have within C:\program files\andorid

    • Do you need java JDK??

    • Yes you need that too!

    • The zip or the installer ?? the size is too big download is kbps

    • You can download either the installer or zip. The size is large :/

    • will the demo will work???

    • Which demo?

  • tarun

    when i try step 8 , it says permission denied….. is it normal???

    • You might need to update your Superuser app and the Subinary from Superuser settings!

  • What do you mean Copy recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img and flash_image to the root of your SD Card you mean paste it??

  • LG P350 User

    it says cannot stat ‘recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM No such file or directory…………… what this means???

  • LG p350 user

    I bricked my phone It says FASTBOOT mode un_…..

    • LG p350 user

      by this method i bricked it how to unbrick it???? answer back please 😀 I’m very nervous

    • No you haven’t 😀 Why did you enter into fastboot? If nothing works, you will have to reset the phone! Press Volume Down button + Call Button + Power button. Tell me if it works 🙂

    • LG p350 user

      it didnt work ive try it many times and same thing appear FAstbootmode
      un_…. do I need to reinstall The kdz???? 😀

    • LG p350 user

      I think i’ve mess up its hard reset :(( can you tell me how to unbrick it I cant even use it :(( I think its my fault and i Need to fix it I will unroot it if I unbricked it 😀

    • Yes try to put your phone in the Emergency mode and use the KDZ updater as given in my rooting guide!

    • LG p350 user

      I need to bootlop it :((

    • LG p350 user

      Thanks I knew it is the best method to unbrick my phone :DDDDD

  • LG P350 User

    help me I flashed a kernel at my lg p350 and my wifi is gone and the emergency mode

    • LG P350 User

      can i have the original kernel with the original firmware??

    • Which kernel did you flash?

  • Bernard

    Hi I have a problem:my phone resets factory data when I type reboot recovery in cmd,please help 🙂

    • If you do not follow all the steps properly, it will reset factory data!

    • Bernard

      what did I do ? :O

    • Bernard

      is something bad ?

    • Bernard

      hmm how can I back up my apps,what’s that meen? i skiped

    • You can use ASTRO File manager!

  • Denis

    when I type adb devices it is ok list of devices are attached,but when I type:adb push recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img then is error like failed to copy ‘recovery-RA……’ : permission denied

    • Denis

      can you help me ?

    • Please verify that Superuser and Subinary are of the latest version!

    • Denis

      tnx bro 😉

    • Denis

      when I enter in recovery boot what next to do or I am done (Tnx nice tutorial 😉 )

  • konj

    when i open Command Prompt she close itself

  • neel

    I’m getting permission denied in 11th step though my superuser & bu binary are up to date

    • Please use superuser app and mount memory card as r/w Right now it must be read only and hence the error!

    • neel

      how to mount sd as r/w………

    • In the root explorer app, you will have a small button at the top which says “Mount r/w” Tap on it!

    • andrew

      just turn off USB storage on your p350 !
      Your sd card is mounted in windows, so access is denied for adb

  • jeff

    the same problem with dele i encountered
    pls help me

    • JEFF

      hi lalit pls help me i almost there. at the command promt the message appear DEVICE NOT FOUND

    • You need to make sure that your LG device drivers have been installed properly. Does your PC recognize your phone’s connection?

    • neel

      its finally working ….using root explorer

  • nergalr

    i have installed all the sdk requirement but stuck in the debuging due to lg drivers which drives is nedded and the download link please

  • Ambar

    when I write $su
    it says
    su: permission denied

    • Do you have a rooted phone? Also, update your Superuser and subinary!

    • AvatarSSJ

      yes of course I have rooted my phone. Why else would I try it? But it’s okay now. I had to update my su binary but it wouldn’t so I unrooted my phone and rooted again and then it worked. I have installed custom recovery and am using Cyanogenmod 7 with Google apps. Thanks a lot! 😀

  • Kaushal

    what commands should be given at the first when we open the command window

    • Give “adb devices” first to ensure that your device is connected with proper installation of ADB. After that give the commands mentioned in Step 7

  • p350

    Have a problem with Command Prompt. When i try step 5 it says: ‘adb’ is not recognized command blablabla…

    • You must have Android SDK installed along with the platform tools. After that go to the platform tools folder and open Command Prompt in that location!

  • mohsin

    i have many tried to root frist but gingerbreak is not working in lg p350

  • anudeep

    su permission denied

  • nenad

    I do everything and now my phone is saying -fastboot mode started udc_start()-add just siting like that.Help pease

  • DemoDoener

    Thanks a lot for the Tutorial.

    However: i got stuck.

    in step 11, after “flash_image recovery […]” I got “[1] Segmentation fault flash_image recover […]”

    USB Debugging is activated, pecan-file is in SD-Root, SU binaries are updatet.

    Rebooting in recovery leads to hard reset.

    Any guesses?

    Thanks for any help.

    • Use Root explorer and mount SD card as R/W and then try!

    • Use Root explorer and mount SD card as R/W and then try!

    • DemoDoener

      Problem solved: the image was corrupt. just had to download it again.

      works now, thanks alot again

  • Andrew


    I’m stuck at step 8. i says permission denied. i already have updated my superuser to 3.0.7 and SU binary v3.0.3.2 but i still have the denied prompt. please help…


    • Make sure you are rooted. Also mount your SD card as R/W using Root explorer!

  • mdds

    hey, on my device it says Fastboot mode started, and under that udc_start()

    What now? i cant acess my mobile phone…. :(((( pls help

  • richard kenne

    hey men your fucking awesome. now i’m using cyanogenmod 7.2. but i have a question. what is more better with my lg optimus me p350, cyanogenmod or honeycomb?

    • Both ROMs are good but Honeycomb is good for gaming and also has Bluetooth audio working!

    • richard kenneth samson

      do i need to install first the cyanogenMOD to proceed on honeycomb?

    • No you can install it directly!

    • richard kenneth samson

      thanks. i already installed it. but i have 1 problem. the text size is too small. adding lg optimus me small screen it gets more smaller. how to resize it?

    • You can not increase the size of font :/

    • richard kenneth samson

      oh. so i’ll just use the peso perfect rom, last question. what’s the diff in custom recovery from clockwork?

    • richard kenneth samson

      thanks for your big help dude. keep it up 🙂

  • lg

    when i try this adb push recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img /sdcard/
    it says error

    • lg

      is it okay?? mine is lock to a network

    • It should not be locked!

    • calvin torres

      so it won’t work if you have a network locked phone? you should have included that in the “prerequisites” or “requirements”, just an advice.

  • erdsmarikina

    i already installed cm 7.2 but my problem is that the market won’t recognized my device so i can’t download themes for cm 7. what should i do?

    • What does it say in the market?

    • erdsmarikina

      it says nothing. but i can’t view the unsupported games in the marke but when i downloaded the apk file in the google it worked. i’m freaking out

    • That is usually specified by the application developer!

    • erdsmarikina

      so what should i do? cm 7.2 supports flash player right?

    • Yes

  • lg

    how to unlock it

  • charmaine encinas

    hello. thank you for this. i got it right and smooth. can i ask? u see i installed honeycomb, and all i want to do is to overclock it to 844. will overclocking shorten my batter life?

    • Overclocking hardly affects battery life!

    • charmaine encinas

      oh well i’ll just suffer to my normal 600 mhz. 🙁

  • Jobin

    Well Bro, M facin lot of Issues,
    Basic Issue is dat wen i am executing SDK Manager, A Cmd Prompt window Flashes by, den nothing Appears, How can i Install It?
    Pls, Expect a gud Solution Frm U…. Thanx in advance…

  • Jobin

    Dude No Probs I fixed it!!! Its Runnin Gr8 I am Usin CM7, n m Very Much impressed By ma First Android Set LG P350. N Ya U r Gr8, thnx a lot 4 such an Simply Elaborated Tutorial… Need A Review, Which 1 is d best Rom in ua view?

  • kenblock

    is there new roms? what’s the latest?

  • Kit

    Mr. Lalit it’s me again. From Honeycomb I went back to 2.2 Froyo. Now I’m using Mango Tango. From 2.2 I can’t get into recovery by pressing Call button+Volume Down button+Power button. So every time i want to flash something I need to repeat the processes mentioned above. Now when I do step 8 after putting in adb shell, I get:
    So what do i do now?

  • Mr Lalit
    when i type adb devices
    it says ‘adb’ is not a recognized comand
    can u help me out..?

  • prince

    when i tried installing android sdk it asks if i have java se developer kit, when i try to install dat it doesnt open,…pls help!!

    • what is the error message?

    • prince

      nevermind got it installed,, but when i try writing “adb devices” in the command prompt it shows ” ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command”
      i tried opening the file in whick sdk tools were, still d same reply!?
      pls help mr.lalit!

    • open command prompt on the location where adb.exe us present!

    • adb.exe ????

    • ADB.exe is a file present in platform tools folder after you have downloaded Android SDK.

    • I have that file… should I copy the command prompt in the android sdk folder ….

    • Command Prompt is a program in Windows, I understand how can you copy command prompt!!

    • I am stucked at step 5 .. command prompt is not detecting my device 🙁

    • Update your device drivers!

    • how to update it ??? can u give me a link …

  • emco

    permision denied

  • lloyd

    how to execute “open command prompt on the location where adb.exe is present”?

    • Shift + Right click on the folder in which ADB.exe is present and select the command!

    • lloyd

      where should i put my android-sdk-windows folder?

  • lloyd

    thank you for your reply but I have another problem. I don’t understand the step 6.What do you mean “Change the directory to the folder”? Where should I change it? in the command prompt or in my sd card? pls help..thank u

  • lloyd

    where should i put my android-sdk-windows folder?

    • It can be anywhere in C:/ (the drive where you have WIndows)

  • lloyd

    hi! the root explorer is already a paid up, where could i find a free one?

  • lloyd

    hi , i already update my su binary and mounted my sd card using root explorer , when i enter the command to install flash image , still permission denied

  • mine said device not found

  • please help anyone

  • mine is really connected and usb debugging mode on

  • im in the fastboot mode because i accidentally eras all the partitions even the system and recovery please help me Im dead….. 🙁

  • it says :error device not found

  • Chirag

    My phone is frozen in “Fast boot mode” Plzz help

  • buco

    where can i download android sdk?

  • anjan

    what is the function of super use and su binay ,.

  • anjan

    can we upgrad andoid 2.2 to higher

    • There is no official update but you can install CM ROMs

  • how to install sdk manager??