HOW TO Install MIUI ROM On LG Optimus Me P350

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MIUI ROMs are best known for their design and beautiful UI. I just flashed it on my phone an hour back and here I am with the tutorial to install MIUI ROM. vivekkalady on XDA has developed this ROM and I must say he has done a great job with it. The ROM is good for daily use and provides you with an amazing experience of the MIUI theme. The ROM is based on CyanogenMod 7.1. Also check how to install CyanogenMod 7.2 which is worth a try, but I still prefer this one 😉

Make sure you check out the video tutorial on the next page.

Before we proceed, let us have a look at the features and screenshots of this ROM.

Features of MIUI ROM

  • based on CyanogenMod 7.1
  • QQ Launcher Pro
  • MIUI theme with lots of transparency by ZduneX25
  • selection of 20 nice wallpapers, 17 lockscreen backgrounds
  • custom MIUI bootanimation
  • Rooted
  • Busybox installed
  • Deodexed

The above words are of Vivek’s and not mine. Instead, I can give you some screenshots 😀

Lock Screen of MIUI ROM on LG Optimus Me P350    




This ROM does not have any bugs, except the fact that Bluetooth gets switched ON when you turn on FM.


  1. Back up all of your applications before you proceed.
  2. Back up all contacts and SMS to SD Card.

Make sure you have a back up of all your data, though you can do it in the recovery mode too.

Ensure that you have rooted and installed Custom Recovery on your phone.

The Steps to install MIUI ROM on LG Optimus Me can be found on Page 2.

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  • julian

    can i overclock this rom?

    • Yes, you see in the video it is really easy to overclock!

  • papadopaulus

    hi, thanks a lot for all tutorial You have posted, a few days ago I installed Custom recovery based on your tutorial, I Made it :D, also CyanogenMod 7.2, and not a few hours ago I installed Cosmic Experia and flashed Gapps Zip, but there is no market, its make me confused, and now I am tryng to Install MIUI ROM, I will post here after Installed the ROM, once more, Thanks You

  • julian

    840mhz is safe for my p350? Where can I turn mass storage on with this rom? I can’t find it!

  • will

    I cant find my SIM contacts after flashing this rom :{

    • SIM contacts are not supported in any custom ROM!

  • frank

    Where is my WAP? Thanks! I like this rom but my phone is with lots of unlock windows, why is this? 😛 I have to unlock 3 sliding stuff to get to use it everytime

    • I did not get your unlock point. To use Mobile data Go to Settings>Wireless and Networks>Mobile Networks and enter the APN Settings!

  • Manju

    Hi Lalit, did u find any bugs on further usage of this ROM, and what about the battery life….

    please let us know, then i can try this.. i already tried your other 2 ROMS (CyanogenMOD 7.2 and Cosmic Experia – which is great). and now i have to know performance of this MIUI ROM.

    Please share your review on this ROM. pls


    • Yes, the ROM works perfect and I am using it from the past one month. I go to college, use Wi+Fi and GPRS, pleay games and listen to music and the battery lasts up to night if fully charged in the morning, thanks to pax0r’s kernel used in this ROM. The interface is excellent as you can see in the video. The lock screens are awesome and the camera also works fine. I do not have an idea about 3G as I have not used it. Also, if you play FM, your phone’s bluetooth will be switched on because it is based on the CyanogenMod 7.1!

      Let me know how you feel about this ROM 🙂

    • Manju

      Hi Lalit,

      Thanks for the information.. I tried this ROM and i’m little in-comfort with the home screen it looks to odd and icons are very bad compare to other roms. and all other features are good.

      let me know is the home screen can be replaced with the cosmic experia rom, because i prefer only cosmic rom which is very good in user interface and all, also i like the music app in Cosmic experia it’s superbb’ in 180 screen mode.

      ok – finally i have an doubt is that home screen of MIUI rom is can be replaced with the Cosmic experia rom, that will be really good if done so..


    • You can try Perfect Peso ROM

  • pomRon

    Miui on LG P350.
    GPS is not working! It Works only once, and no more.
    Any suggestions?

  • teja

    which one of these roms is faster ???i’m on cm7.2 now and i tried cosmic xperia too but didnt like it much so i’m thinking before moving to miui,is miui faster than cm7.2

  • teja

    is there a chance for cyanogenmod 9 for lg optimus me p350???
    i saw CM9 for lg p500 ,i think both lg p500 and p350 are identical in some aspects,……………………………………………… so is there any chance of it???

    • There are chances but no one has developed it yet!

  • rock

    Hey bro currently I m using cm7.2 which Gud bt regarding battery life I Hav to charge it twice a day
    So tell me abt its battery life

  • rock

    Thanks bro bt tell me among these two which one s better regarding ur aspect

    • I feel Honeycomb is good but it is not good for music!

  • rock

    Bro n one last que plz how to increase speed of CPU

    • If you have installed a Custom ROM, go to Cyanogenmod Settings>Performance>CPU Settings and set the minimum and maximum frequency!

  • rock

    Thanks dude

  • sparkle_eyes

    hi! I installed MIUI ROM but there is no haptic feedback (home, search, menu and back soft button). Tried looking at the settings and its all on, how to fix please!! thank you

  • moaz

    Is there anyone have problem with the link?

  • rock

    Hey buddy after installing all these roms I can’t able to use LG PC suite in my lappy. 🙁
    plzzz tell any solution plzzzzzz

    • You can not use it because LG PC Suite supports only stock ROMs

  • rock

    So der s no way to use s it correct? ?????

  • hyejin

    love this one, run perfectly in my device 😀

    do you know how to change the font? kinda boring using the arial font..
    when i using font changer, my device stuck in penguin 🙁

    • Just wipe cache partition from recovery and reboot!

  • alex

    I have instaled MUiU on my P350 but I can’t find Play market(Android Market). Any ideeas why? Thanks

    • Flash the Gapps zip file from the downloads page!

    • alex

      I have flashed and then rebooted my phone and still no Andoid Market …what should I do? thanks

    • alex

      I managed to solve the problem with … I was also wondering when will ICS(working ROM) be available ?

    • An alpha release is available right now but we have not posted it. We will post it only when it is fully functional!

  • sam

    i want to play flash videos on my p350
    would i be able to install adobe flash player 11 or 10.3
    and would be able to play hd games!!!
    If yes which rom would i install which do you prefer the most and which do you like the most
    and my battery drains out very quickly
    and my phone hangs frequently as soon as i press home key button
    if yes please help me ok!!!

  • Aniket

    Hey lalit how to go back to stock rom.?

  • How to enable vibration on softkey press? and i cannot overclock cpu to max 844 mhz…

    • Overclocking would not be possible on all devices. Haptic Feedback does not work in MIUI ROM!

  • Prasanna

    hey lalit i cant connect to my old wifi connection any fix for it plz reply

  • prasanna

    i didnt get apps like music and camera a.d gallery what to do???? should i reflash this rom

    • Prasanna

      i faced another issue wifi worked for starting 30 mins after flashing the rom and then cant connect to net through wifi

  • riza

    dude zip varification failed man my phones screwed now

    • Turn off zip verification after you select “Choose zip from SD Card”. 🙂

  • Rohan

    Hey please help me with the download link!….i am not able to use it!!

  • aditya

    its taking too long too start but its worth it…

  • Kasuahl Damania

    how’s the battery life is it just like cm or is it decreased


    • Regarding P350,you can post on It has better ROMs

  • andy

    mine is not working 🙁
    it keeps saying installation aborted when i try to install the zip
    please help 🙁 🙁