HOW TO Root BlackBerry PlayBook

Great news for BlackBerry PlayBook owners is that they can now root the QNX OS on which the PlayBook operates. This has been possible with Dingleberry, fancy name and great work 🙂 So now you can get access to all those features of BlackBerry which is beyond the limits. The root access was gained a few days back but now Dingleberry is public and you can download it from the link below. Dingleberry is still in the Beta stage and it is available only for Windows and not Mac.

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Root BlackBerry PlayBook

How Does Dingleberry Work

There exists a security hole in BlackBerry which lets unsigned apps to be loaded into the system. The unsigned apps can not be loaded into the system as such, but it happens only when you back up or restore your device. This security hole has been made us of while developing Dingleberry. BlackBerry was aware of this issue but unfortunately for them, and fortunately for PlayBook users, Dingleberry was developed before RIM could fix this issue.

Should You Root Your PlayBook?

No one can actually answer this question and it is up to the owner to do it or not. If I am asked this, I would obviously love to root my device though it would breach my device’s warranty. If you have to root your device, now is the time for you to do it as the root access will exist even after RIM issues their update. However, access to Hulu (now possible), NetFlix and other websites is still not possible, but it might be possible with the next update of Dingleberry.

Disclaimer: BlogoTech is not responsible for any harm that might be caused to your device during this process. Do it at your own risk.

You can have a look at the process in action below and download Dingleberry from the link below the video.

Root BlackBerry PlayBook

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