HOW TO Unsubscribe from Spam Emails Easily

Don’t tell me that you do not get any spam emails. There would hardly be someone who could believe this unless it is a newly created email id. I myself get around 50-60 emails daily which are not really needed. You may even wonder when did you subscribe to those lists. The fact is that you actually don’t subscribe to those lists but email ids are sold to advertising companies. A perfect example is the Facebook Privacy Breach which came into a light approximately a year back where some famous applications were exposed of selling user data to the advertising companies and this is how spam in your inbox originates. But here we have come up with a method to unsubscribe from spam emails easily.

The method is quite easy and works in a single click after you enter your email id. Recently I came across a site called Unsubscribr. unsubscribr is a website that allows you to easily unsubscribe from bulk, junk and unwanted email.

Unsubscribr is an easy to use website which does not even require you to sign up to use it. Well, that is really what I expected 😉

So what does Unsubscrir do? Unsubscribr analyzes your emails from the past few days and shows you a list of mailing lists to which you have subscribed and then shows you an option to unsubscribe from the same. You can let Unsubscribr do that for you with which they will send an unsubscription email from your email id or redirect you to the unsubscription page where you just need to click on Unsubscribe and you are done!

Right now we only support Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail.

To begin with, head over to Unsubscribr from the link given below the post and enter your email id:

unsubscribe from spam emails

After this, just click on start. You will be asked to authorize Unsubscribr to access your email, allow the same and let Unsubscribr scan your inbox which will be done quickly.

After this, you will see results which contain the mailiing lists to which you are subscribed. You can unsubscribe to the lists which you don’t need or unsubscribe to all with a single click.

Here are my results which shows I am subscribed to 26 mailing lists, not a big number though because I unsubscribed to a few manually.

Unsubscribe form mailing lists


In this way, you can easily unsubscribe to spam emails and mailing lists. Let us know what you think about Unsubscribr.

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