HTC Sensation 4G Review

HTC Sensation 4G is one of the best Android Smartphones form T-Mobile and HTC. Powered with 1.2GHz dual core processor it has a 4.3 inch screen running on Android 2.3 These are perhaps the basic features you might expect in a smartphone. Thankfully, it has the updated version of Android and not the older one (Froyo) as in HTC Droid Incredible 2. Lets have a look at some of its features.


htc_sensation_4gHTC Sensation is one of the nest looking smartphones in the market, though you can have a look at five more good looking phones according to our guest author Cormac. The HTC Sensation has a solid and sleek design with aluminium body. It measures 5×2.6×0.4 inches and weighs 5.2 ounces which means that it is pretty light and handy too 😀

HTC Sensation is world’s first 4.3 inch smartphone with qHD resolution. The resolution of the LCD touchscreen is 540×960 pixels and its display would cause no problem while reading outdoors. Also it is resistive to scratch even when he phone is place with the screemn facing bottom.

The UI is much more customized than the previous phones from HTC. Navigation between apps is much easier and smoother. For sending texts, you need to use the HTC keyboard as you don’t get any standard keyboard from Android like Swype. This is something which the phone lacks. But don’t get disappointed at this as HTC’s keyboard has a feature called Trace which is pretty similar to Swype where you can smoothly move over your fingers from letter to letter.

HTC_SensationBelow the touchscreen, you find buttons which are used for functions like Home, Menu, Back and Search from the left towards the right. On the left side you find the volume controls and the Micro-USB port while you don’t find any controls on the right. At the to is the 3.5mm headphone jack and the power button.


It has a front facing camera on the upper right of the screen and a 8 mega-pixel camera with dual LED flash located at the back. It allows video recording of 1080p which is quite good.


As already mentioned, it runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and latest HTC Sense. Sense is a custom skin for Android which has been customized further to provide better UI for the phone.

Sense has a lot of new features like shortcuts to four of your favorite apps. By default the favorites are set to phone, mail, camera and messages which can be personalized. To run your app, you just need to drag the icon of the app to the bottom ring of the phone without even unlocking it. The locked screen can be customized by adding photo gallery, weather info or any other apps. Once you unlock the phone, you can see the 3D carousel and you can navigate through 7 homescreens very easily.


It has a battery of 1520mAh but neither the size of the screen nor the recording of 1080p HD video poses a problem to the Bateery life of HTC Sensation as it is could stand for long. You might also prefer the Galaxy S II to HTC Sensation but the batter of HTC Sensation is much better than the Galaxy S II.


The HTC Sensation 4G offers voice and video calling via Qik. It also has Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi. It also has support for Wi-Fi calling. Though it is a 4G phone, it can reach a download speed of 14.4Mbps. The Samsung Infuse 4G has a better speed than HTC Sensation.

Price and Verdict

HTC is a monoglot in terms of design and perhaps the best one from HTC til date. It is obviously sensational among the Android devices as it also provides you with a qHD display but I wish it could have offered with much better data speed. It does not offer much internal memory and even the speakers of the phone are not satisfactory. It is priced at $199.99. I give it a 9/10. What about you?

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