ICS 4.0.3 For HTC Amaze 4G Leaked

HTC Amaze 4G will be getting an official Ice Cream Sandwich Update but however, the ICS update has been leaked. We do not assure you that this will the official ICS which will be provided to HTC Amaze 4G devices Over The Air. It might take some more time for an OTA update for HTC Amaze 4G, moreover OTA updates are pushed to devices based on regions. If you do not have the patience to wait for the OTA update, you can try this ICS firmware which would supposedly be stable on your device.

In this tutorial we will give you a detailed procedure on how to install ICS 4.0.3 Firmware on  HTC Amaze 4G. This is not a custom ROM, though it might require a data wipe if you face any force close issues. Hence it is recommended to backup all data before installing this firmware.

To install this firmware, you need to be rooted. You can use HTC Super tool to root your HTC Amaze 4G. If you are on a custom ROM, you need not root your device as all custom ROMs are pre-rooted. You need to have to be S-OFF, however, if you wish to turn off the security flag, you may try JuopunutBear. If your device is S-ON, you need to unlock the bootloader which can be done easily using HTCDev.com

DisclaimerBlogoTech is not responsible for any damage that might be caused to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible.


  • Backup all apps using Titanium Backup (since your phone would be rooted).
  • Backup all contacts to SD card.
  • Backup SMS using any SMS backup applications (perhaps GoSMS or Handcent SMS).
  • Note down your APN settings as you may need to enter them to make your data connection work.
  • Have minimum 50% charge on the battery to prevent any accidental shut down during the update process.
  • Make a nandroid backup via recovery so that you can revert back to the previous ROM if you wish.

After you backup all data on your phone, you can now proceed with the steps to install this firmware.

Steps to Install ICS 4.0.3 Firmware on HTC Amaze 4G

  1. Download ICS Firmware for HTC Amaze 4G to your computer. After this, connect your phone to the PC via USB cable and copy the downloaded zip file to your SD card. Make sure you copy it into the SD card directly and not within any folder. This ensures that you locate the file easily while in recovery mode.
  2. Disconnect your phone from the PC and turn it off.
  3. Boot into recovery mode by pressing Volume Down + Power button.
  4. In recovery mode, select “Install zip from SD cad”>”Choose zip from SD card”.
  5. Select the zip file you had copied to your SD card in Step 1.
  6. Go back and select “Wipe all data/factory reset” and “Wipe cache partition”.
  7. Again Go back and select “Reboot system now:.

In this simple way, you will be able to install ICS on HTC Amaze 4G.

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