Increase Likes on Your Facebook Page – Facebook Security Hole?

Just a few minutes back, someone informed me that he could get me 1000 Facebook likes for my page within 15 minutes and for an amount as cheap as Rs.150 That was interesting and also cheap. I asked him for my new blog’s page Hack My Android and he promised that the users will not unlike the page later. It did put me into deep thought about how could it be possible. The next second, a message from Aju Narayanan popped up in my inbox and he said “I will tell you how to get those likes for free”. I was even more excited now. He explained it to me and I would like to share the same with you. Hope you can get some likes, Facebook will read this post of mine very soon 😉

increase facebook likes

There are quite a few sites like and which help you get likes pretty easily. The first step which people usually do is create a fake account. If you want something, you would also lose something, but you would not want to risk your real account. Once you have done that, you can get an access token from the site I am not writing about other sites as they are blocked by my ISP.

The process to get the access token is explained on Once you get your access token, paste it on the home page of and click on “Submit” After this, you get options where you can select where you would like to get Facebook likes. It may be a page, a post on your Facebook timeline, a comment or a photo. If you wish to get likes for your page, click on Page liker. Get your Page ID, by going to Replace “username” with that of your page. Click on Submit and refresh your page after a minute.

It went up from 149 to 221 within a second when I tried it for the first time, however the rate became slower. A few tokens get expired but you can again get a new one.

Is this a Facebook security flaw or a bug? Let me know what you think.

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