Install Android 3.2.2 Honeycomb on LG Optimus Me P350

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If you own an LG Optimus Me P350, you must be knowing that your LG Optimus Me runs Android 2.2 Froyo. LG had not provided any update for the OS, though you can try out CyanogenMod 7.2 or CyanogenMod Nightlies ROM to get Android 2.3.7. If you wish to go beyond this, you can install Honeycomb on LG Optimus Me P350. ICS is coming soon for this phone and we’ve got some screenshots of ICS 😀 Coming back to Honeycomb, Cips Gokhle has developed this ROM and Venkat Kamesh has rectified the bugs. It is a themed CM 7.2 ROM and everything works well on this. I am using this ROM right now and it really has a very good UI. Let us now see some screenshots and the tutorial to install Honeycomb on LG Optimus Me P350.

Screen Captures of Honeycomb on LG Optimus Me P350

Honeycomb On LG Optimus Me P350    LG Optimus Me P350 Honeycomb



  • Before you install any ROM on your phone, it is always advisable to take a back up of your phone’s data. Backing up your contacts is easy and you can back up all your contacts to your phone’s SD Card.
  • To back up your applications, I recommend you to use ASTRO File Manager which also allows cloud storage.
  • Make sure you have enough battery on your device to support the installation. If the device powers off due to lack of battery power, it may brick the device.
  • Custom Recovery Installed


DisclaimerBlogoTech is not responsible for any damage that might be caused to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible. Try this at your own risk.

Steps to Install Honeycomb on LG Optimus Me P350

  1. Download – Honeycomb ROM – ROM zip file | Google Apps | Browser fix zip files.
  2. Place all the three zip files in the root of your sd card. By root of your sd card, I mean the SD card itself and not within any folder. This makes it easy for you to find the zip files while in recovery mode
  3. Boot into recovery. To do this, you can press the Call button +  Volume Down button and holding both simultaneously press the Power button. In the recovery mode, use the Volume buttons to navigate and Menu button to select.
  4. Important: Make a nandroid backup which will be useful if you wish to revert back.
  5. Select Install zip from SD card>Choose zip from SD card and select the three zip files you placed in your SD card and flash them in order as listed in Step 1.
  6. Go back and select Reboot system now.
  7. In case you get stuck at the logo or face force close issues, re-insert the battery and boot into recovery and wipe cache.
  8. Your phone will now be running Android 3.2.2 Honeycomb.

In this way you can easily install Honeycomb on LG Optimus Me P350. If you face any issues, feel free to comment below 🙂

  • Dacky82

    Mr. Lalit, what is this rom compared to any CM7, or MIUI rom in terms of speed, performances and battery life? Which is better in global? Thanks in advance

    • The Cyanogenmod Nightlies, Cyanogenmod 7, MIUI and Honeycomb are all fully functional working ROMs with a little difference in UI. The usage of ROMs depends on the user’s taste. I am using Honeycomb right now!

  • Mitesh

    Do i need to root ma phone before installing this



    • Yes, thanks for letting me know 🙂 ICS is coming soon and I will be posting a tutorial to install the alpha version of ICS on LG Optimus Me



    • I don’t think there is any need to do that because I was on Cyanogenmod Nightlies and then I flashed the three zip files. It has been 24 hours but I did not face even a single error till now! So I don’t think that would be necessary. If you face any issues, please let me know!



  • Dare

    Lalit, did you test this rom with Antutu benchmark (or some other benchmark) to compare results with CM7? Globaly, can we expect some improvement in terms of speed using this rom? Thanks, you are the best, keep going!

    • Thanks for your appreciation but I haven’t tested it using Antutu Benchmark, though it performs well as it leaves 74MB RAM free hence making it fast. But it is not good for music!

  • dam

    im install but the phone after reset and reset and not run

  • Dan Alelojo

    Hi Lalit,

    Any fix on wifi? Even how close you are to a wireless source, it is still showing 2 bars only.

    I appreciate it.. 🙂

    More power to

    • No, there isn’t any such fix released by the developer! :/

  • danghaibang

    How about the battery power on this rom ?

  • danghaibang

    The font in this rom look so small, i hope the deveploper can repair it..


    I could easily install this ROM on to my LG-p350.
    But i’ve a problem with tethering. it is not working.
    Also there is no switch to toggle to 3G.

  • Amrit

    Hi Lalit

    First of all, A BIG THANK YOU for your efforts and making it possible to port higher versions of Android on the device

    I own a LG P350 and am running the HoneyComb for the past 2 days – truly enjoying my experience

    However, as with all customizations, I had some queries :

    1> Is there a possibility of adding more themes ? That would be great 🙂

    2> An enhancement in the System Font would be great as I found it small in size – I am talking about an option where we can change the font or atleast the size of it. Personally, the current font is great, but sometimes a bit difficult in reading (I have FeedR installed and use it for news RSS feeds to keep myself updated)

    Since its just 2 days I got this installed, I am still reviewing it and will let you know of any further suggestions in this regard

    Once again, Thanks to you, Cips Gokhle and Venkat Kamesh for this wonderful ROM


    • Amrit,
      There are some ways for you to change the font of your android phone which can be found on the internet. You can search for it. Unfortunately, this is not original Honeycomb but it is a themed one and hence you can not apply any theme!

    • xandrie

      amret you can change your font, go to spare parts and change the font size, and also you can change the font style, download font installer in the android market

  • Mayank Chandel

    Awsome bro…………………………………….
    It is a complete tutoriol and has every information required to install 3.2.2 Android
    its great

  • Dean

    Pls HELP i get stuck at ACTIVATING ROOT ACCES and stops there for 2-4 seconds and does restarts does it for a few more times and at a 5-6 th time is stops at Activating Root Acces

    • Re-insert battery, Reboot into recovery, wipe cache and reboot again!

  • Joe

    hey can I wipe all before flash,because I already did :/ help XD

  • Joe

    Some gadgets are not working :/
    and I have no text under icons in app menu please help ?

  • Dean

    Pls HElp I get crashes every 30 minutes some programs are not working and sometime it freezes and reboots pls help and does that every day

  • vaibhav

    can adobe flash player works on lg p350 if i install honeycomb

  • Danjo

    impressive, but the fonts are way too tiny. i hope you can at least make a bigger font for this rom. 🙂

  • Kit

    Mr. Lalit, I installed this on my LG P350 but since yesterday i cannot get past the “activating root access” part. I’ve removed the battery and re-booted several times, still it freezes there. I’ve also wiped cache, but still i’m stuck with the same problem. Any solutions? Or I could just uninstall Honeycomb. Just tell me how. Thanks in advance.

    • Try to wipe all data and reflash the ROM

    • Try to wipe all data and reflash the ROM

    • Arbaaz Mohammed

      Kit • 2 years ago
      Mr. Lalit, I installed this on my LG P350 but since yesterday i cannot get past the “activating root access” part. I’ve removed the battery and re-booted several times, still it freezes there. I’ve also wiped cache, but still i’m stuck with the same problem. Any solutions? Or I could just uninstall Honeycomb. Just tell me how. Thanks in advance.

    • Kit

      Thanks for this, Mr. Lalit! Finally got Honeycomb!

  • chobot1976

    I can not find the FM radio app. Help me pls

    • chobot1976

      I found, sorry

  • nikolaiffb

    I used this ROM a few days. Battery life is good. Like stock ROM. Font is too small in some apps.
    In Benchmark test i got 60% better results than Stock ROM.
    Keyboard is qwerty, it isn’t good because display on Optimus ME is too small. I prefer LG Keyboard like in Froyo 2.2.
    ROM is realy fast, good for gaming 😉
    Gmail has theme (BlackOut 2.3.5) and it can’t be updated. If you unistall, you can’t install other version.
    I think that Launcher (Honeycomb) has some bugs. In some situations he just unexpectedly stop working. 😀

  • vaibhav

    can u provide me link to download adobe flash player its not showing on google play for p350 honeycomb

  • Prasanna

    hey lalit i cant add widgets on homescreen of launcher if i try to add launcher stops working and have to force close it

  • prasanna

    thanx for reply,,

  • Mitesh

    my phone does not go into recovery mode……
    dont no why
    any soln..

  • Mitesh

    i done it..
    but google play not working
    force close appear..
    any soln…

  • jayaraj

    Sir pls help me, my optimus p350 is not booting into recovery mode buy pressing send+lock+volume down key, which isgoing into factory reset.what can be do it to go into recovery mode to install honeycomb pls give a suggestion….

    • Release the power button when you see the LG logo.

  • Mohan

    Is it necessary that the device must be rooted to install this ROM… and when i pressed call+volume down+power buttons simultaneously the device is getting factory data reset. Please help me…

  • chaitanya

    hello lalit..rlly need ur help plz help me.. 🙁
    ROMS r rlly awesome.. bt now face problem.. like ma phone hang alot . when i rmve the battery n reinsert it ma phone dont response … n i faceing same problm in ol ur ROM .. wifi connected only for 30 min after that it automaticlly disconnected …

    now i wnt 2 use stock ROM dut ma cell does not connected with ma lapy.. when i connect through USB cable ma cell does notify me tht USB debugging is enable… n cell is connected 2 ma lapy its get charged…. n derives r correctly installed on ma lapy…
    plzz lalit help me how i get ma stock ROm back…… plzzz…… 🙁 rply as soon as possible .. :/

    • Hi Chaitanya,
      It seems like your phone has a hardware problem. Please head over to the custom rom development section at our forums There are may ROMs out there for you to try. To flash the stock ROM, check this Please let me know if this helps. If this doesn’t, you can post on the forums and either myself or someone else will help you out at the forum.

    • chaitanya

      yar i knw how 2 install stock ROM on ma cell.. bt their is a problem ma cell is not connecting with ma lapy through USB .. ma cell doesn’t show any notification like use dubbing .. mass storage option.. plzz tell me how to solve this problm ..

    • Does it happen with all computers?

    • chaitanya


    • Well, then there might be something wrong with the hardware. I have seen people come up with weird problems on their LG P350 most of which includes a USB issue. If I can figure it out, I will let you know.

    • chaitanya

      kie..plzz help me as soon as possible…..n m rlly impressed with your work… n tell me one more thing.. in ROMS in mgs box keyboard instead of enter key, smiley key is showing.. n their is no enter in mgs box keyboard… so plzz tell me how to get enter key in mgs box keyboard ..

    • It’s automatic and you need to change it in the settings. For the USB issue, refer page 3 of this thread It might help or you may contact the person who has posted there!

    • chaitanya

      hey lalit
      USB problem is fixed…
      here is some step for other user to fix problem related to USB
      Fixing USB Brick on a Rooted and S-OFF phoneInstall Android Flasheropen a command prompt on the computergo to the android flasher/data directoryreboot your phone into FASTBOOT mode (back + power)plug your phone into the computer with the USB cable and make sure you get the FASTBOOT USB on the phone screenissue the following command at the command prompt:fastboot oem eraseconfig

    • chaitanya

      sry step thik se show nhi ho rhe hai…
      so, their is link with helps u to solve ur USB related problem.
      n lalit , unable to solve mgs box realeted problem plzz help me…

  • ali

    hey my device is showing fast boot mode started what does it mean udc_start()
    –potchange —
    what i do

    • Try to remove battery, re-insert it and press Volume Down + Call + Power button together. This will also reset your phone anyway!

    • Mathias Skywalker

      your phone turned up in fastboot mode
      Try find some tutorials for flash an image to boot recovery
      that happened to me a few weeks ago, and I get desasperated.
      I hope I helped 🙂

  • khush

    what id google apps i can’t find the file.
    i am new to this. i have managed to install both custom recovery and rotted the device with ginger break. im still using froyo 2.2. and want to use honeycomb. plz help me as soon as possible. 🙂

    • khush

      is *. the link is not provided.

    • Please head over to You will find all ROMs and Gapps files there!

    • khush

      thankyou so much sir ! but can u suggest which is the best rom at present. i want to make the best use of my cell. ty in advance ,:) 🙂

    • khush

      i m really sorry to disturb u again. but i cannot find gapps. can u please post the link of gapps u think i should download 😀

    • khush

      thank u :). which is the best rom according to u sir ?

  • help me my phone is in fast boot mod… plzz.. help me…

  • Ian Calipusan Pasa

    Do i need to download the google apps…or the two clickable zip files only?And do i need to install the custom recovery first?need answer now..plss

  • swapn

    I have insltalled this ROm but i have problem that i cant acess market and force close use thought i wipe all data from the custom recovery mode

  • android

    call + power + volume down not working properly goin staight to out of box android

  • Stanko

    Hi All, does anybody know…has this rom normal keyboar on sms…not querty….or someone know wich ROM has?

  • while pressing the keys my mob is getting formated all data gon

  • Inder. Kanojia

    i pressed all three keys together and it is showing
    “Fastboot mode started
    what should i do???

  • Aditya

    link for google apps?

  • Mr lalit when i boot into recovery the options shown in video dont appear instead the phone is formatted

  • i cant go there?? what should i do??? xD

  • Jagdish Donde

    plz help me…………. i want remove honey comb from my lgp 350 and want install original froyo

  • A B Bhtt

    Dear Sir
    Nice to get in touch an expert like you. My LG P350 shows security errror while i incert a sim card. When go to setting( With sim card inserted nothing can be done, setting is reachable when no sim card is there) it shows tick ( marking on sign) in sim lock menu. Please get me out of the problem. Its my old phone of grand ma and she does not like other phone even a better one. Please get me out of security error problem.