Install ClockworkMod Recovery on LG Optimus Me P350

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LG Optimus Me P350 does not come with any stock recovery. So what could you do to install custom ROMs? You can go ahead with the Custom Recovery. We had earlier posted a tutorial to custom recovery which was later followed up by the easier method. Most of you had hard times with the earlier one. Sometimes it becomes a pain in the ass but you don’t have any other go. In this tutorial we will tell you how to install ClockworkMod Recovery in LG Optimus Me but you may again wonder why do we install Custom Recovery first and then ClockworkMod Recovery. The answer is that you can install ClockworkMod Recovery only using the custom Recovery 😛 This would be easy 😉

Why ClockworkMod Recovery Is Preferable Over Stock or Custom Recovery?

ClockworkMod-Recovery-LG Optimus Me P350That is a genuine question one may ask because you can flash custom ROMs using stock recovery too then why Clockworkmod? The reason is that Clockworkmod Recovery gives some additional options which the stock recovery doesn’t. If you are flashing a custom ROM, you will need to wipe data/factory reset. You would then restore all contacts, sms and apps one by one which becomes tedious. To make it simple, you can boot into CWM recovery and make a nandroid backup. After flashing the ROM, boot into CWM recovery and select backup and restore>advanced restore>restore data and choose the nandroid backup you had made previously. This will restore all the data you had in your device previously including apps, contacts and sms.

DisclaimerBlogoTech is not responsible for any damage that might be caused to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible.


You won’t actually lose any data while doing this as it is a simple process but you may need to make a factory reset if you face force close issues. So it would be better if you take a backup of all important data on your device.

Steps to Install ClockworkMod Recovery

  1. Download ClockworkMod Recovery zip file from here to your PC.
  2. Connect your phone to PC via USB and copy the zip file to the root of your SD card and not within any folder.
  3. Boot into Custom Recovery by turning off your phone and pressing Call button + Volume Down Button and Power button simultaneously.
  4. In Custom Recovery, select “Install zip from SD card”>”Choose zip from SD card” and select the zip file you moved to your SD card in Step 2 and flash it.
  5. Go back and select “Wipe cache partition”.
  6. After that select “Reboot system now’.

In this way you can easily install ClockworkMod Recovery in LG Optimus Me P350. Thanks for this Ron Gokhle. If you have any issues, feel free to comment below or join our Facebook Group to connect with me and the developers 🙂

  • Saif

    bro how to uninstall this this is daam plzz help me to get the old stock recovery

    • Seems like you didn’t like it perhaps because of wrong controls. You must use Call button to select, back button to go back and volume buttons to navigate. If you still wish to go back to stock, you can flash this zip file from CWM recovery

  • I didn’t see the “install zip from SD
    card” on custom recovery….please help. ……

  • Daryll Swer

    Hmm is this recovery fully functional is there anything that is not working? I heard from cips in xda the fix permission option doesn’t work.

  • Daryll Swer

    OK am done with this recovery. I used the recovery by drap but then I flashed this and now I used the recovery installer and Gscrip lite but not getting the recovery by drap. Please help.

  • samir47

    hey dude whenever i want to boot my p350 it by pressing call end n button it doesnt show recovery mode instead formats all my game n app

  • ahmad

    i did all the steps, n reboot..
    after that i try to boot by pressing vol down+call button+power n what i see after that is penguin.. did i do something wrong? pls help

    • You must get into recovery mode after the penguin, else you need to install recovery again!

  • nikolaiffb

    Thanks Lalit. I didn’t know how to navigate but i read your comment.

  • saqib

    i dont see the “wipe cashe partition” option in custom recovery.. is that option installed AFTER i flash the zip file.. i didnt want to take any chances so i pre-read all the instructions

    • If you do not have wipe cache partition, you may have “Wipe cache” option.

  • Ian Calipusan Pasa

    How can i boot into recovery if it doesn’t working…i press call button then vollume down button the last is the power button….i thought it was successful but it gets rid all of my apps and games…pls help me for the instruction….

  • Sergio

    Installation occurred normally and restarted back to recovery but does not work any option chosen logo stands in cwm

  • Sergio

    thanks Lalit
    is now fully functional
    u have a link with tutorial to use all the functions for User beginner?

    • All the functions are self-explanatory. You will need to use them when needed while you flash custom ROMs. You are welcome 🙂

  • Sergio

    recuperation flashed cwm

    ha error message in Data wipe / reset format fails

    zip file downloaded from xda developers