HOW TO Install CyanogenMod 7.2.0 RC0 ROM On LG Optimus Me P350

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Not a few hours back did I post about how to install Recovery which helps you install custom ROMs and now here is a tutorial to install CyanogenMod 7.2. CyanogenMod 7.2 is the best ROM for LG Optimus Me as of now and is great for daily use. I am using it on my LG P350 right now and trust me, it works great and with this, you can increase performance of LG Optimus Me. It is highly customizable and very easy to install. Make sure you follow all the instructions carefully.



DisclaimerBlogoTech is not responsible for any damage that might be caused to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible. Try this at your own risk. This process has been tested and verified working on LG Optimus Me P350.


What is Working

  • Calls Make/Receive
  • SMS Send/Receive
  • WiFi
  • Headphones(with Microphone when calling)
  • Loudspeaker
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth (Media)
  • GPS
  • Tethering (WiFi)
  • Tethering (USB) with 3rd party application

What is Not Working

  • Some problems with BT audio on phone call
  • Changing volume in radio


  1. Back up all of your applications before you proceed.
  2. Back up all contacts and SMS to SD Card.


  1. Custom Recovery needs to be installed. If not installed, refer this guide.
  2. Minimum of 40% charged battery.

Steps to Install CyanogenMod ROM

  1. Download CyanogenMod ROM from here.
  2. Move the zip file to the root of your SD Card without extracting its contents.
  3. Boot into Recovery.
  4. You can now navigate using the Volume buttons and select using the Menu button.
  5. Perform a backup in recovery mode.
  6. Select Wipe and wipe cache, data, dalvik cache
  7. Go back and select Flash zip menu
  8. Choose zip from SD Card and select the zip file you had moved to the root of your SD Card.
  9. Flash the ROM.
  10. Go back and select Reboot system now.

In this way you can easily install CyanogenMod ROM. After this, download GApps and flash it the same way as you flashed the ROM.

If you face any issues, feel free to comment below 🙂

  • Rodrigo Lamperouge

    Thank you for your contribution, I had a little problem installing google apps, tell me step by step how to do this? Thank you!

    • Copy the Gapps zip to your SD Card and reboot into recovery. Select the option “Flash zip menu” and select “choose zip from SD Card”. After this, choose the Gapps zip and flash it. After this go back and select “reboot system now” 🙂

  • shubham ninawe

    hello,.., bhaiya.,,. im unable to understand ,.,. these step,.,. cn u explain more how to ,,..,., install this .,,.,cm7.2 ,,,, i have downloade the content and moved to my sd card ,,,, now after this wht should i do ,..,,…, please help meeee ,,…….

  • shubham ninawe

    ni.,.,. ho pa ra yrrr,,, bhaiya.,.,.,. maine android market se rom manager download kr diya hain,,,..,, aur usme ek option hain reboot into recovery….,,., to kya main usmain chala jao..????? agr ye sahi nahi hain,.., to kya aaap mujhe koi tarika bta skte hain.. coustom recovery krne ka????

    • Please post comments in English! And ROM Manager wont work with this phone. Also, there is no point in the post which asks you to install the same. What do you see when you type “adb devices” in command prompt? If you do not see your device listed, you have not installed Android SDK properly. I suggest you to refer this guide on Addictive Tips for install SDK and platform tools

  • William

    Does the Market work ?

    And what do you mean with Fm ?

    lol this version looks like Android 4.0 🙂
    I will flash it tomorrow 🙂

    • Yes after you install Gapps, it will work. I am using it and hopefully, I’ll make a video tutorial 😀

  • shubham ninawe

    Guyssssss.,,.,.,.,.yapeeeeee,.,..,,.,.,.,installed cm7.2 sucessfullyyyyyyyy….. thnk god…..,.,.,,.please note it IT’S AMAZING

  • Dele..

    How can i back up my stock lg-desktop #1 kernel?

    • In recovery mode, you get the option of Nandroid backup. You can do that. However, my post on HOW TO Root LG Optimus Me after firmware update gives you an option to download the stock ROM which can be flashed if you want to roll back.

  • Dele..

    Finished installing every thing works very well thanks very very much. Do you know when a non rc version of this rom will be available?

  • mofox

    Hey Lalit

    I have instaled the cyanogen mod and used the phone all day and then figured out that I forgot to install the GApps. So I copied the gapps to the sd card, went to cmd and wrote adb shell, su, reboot recovery. Then I just flashed from the SD card and all went fine. Rebooted but there is no market installed. I saw that the grey Super User icon is missing. But now there is this green pirate SU. If I go to manage applications I can see the market 3.1.3 but it is grey. What can I do to make it work?

    • Download Android Market from here

    • mofox

      Thanks Again. Works now.

    • mofox

      Hey again. Where can I select that the market connects via 3G? I connects only on WiFi.

    • Go to Menu>Settings and choose your desired option!

    • mofox

      Can you be more specific? 😀

    • Market will connect using any network available. You can only choose to update apps via Wi-Fi only!

    • mofox

      Ok, sorry, It connected when I got out of my GFs apartment. It was a bad 3G connection.

    • mofox

      Hej. I have again the problem with 3g. I have data enabled but I cant surf on the internet, can’t connect to the market, can’t send or recieve MMS. Any suggestions? Only 2g networks is unchecked.

    • mofox

      Hey. I installed the mod and still no 3G. Should I install the original android to see if it works? How can I do that?

  • nikolaiffb

    I installed this ROM yesterday. Performance is awesome. In Android 2.2.2 Froyo i got about 500 points in Quadrand (Benchmark program) but with this ROM i have 1000 points. The phone is a lot faster.

    Battery time is short. In my case it’s only 14 hours. 7 hours is iddle because i was sleeping.

    • I myself experienced this 🙁 But I prefer features to battery 😀

  • nikolaiffb

    Do you have LG stock keyboard? I don’t like this keyboard in Cyanogen.
    I prefer original one.

  • nikolaiffb

    Thanks !!!

    I will try.

  • nikolaiffb

    FM isn’t working in this mod but if you install other app for FM it will works.
    For example i used Spirit FM Free. Try It.


  • tashu

    i am seein’ a penguin!!!! wat to do???

    • Yes you will see a penguin after rebooting and then you must see the CyanogenMod logo!

    • tashu

      hmmmmm, i am waitin’ for more than 4 hours now….. is it normal???

    • No it is not! Did you wipe cache, data and dalvik cache?

    • tashu

      yess i did…. plzz help..

    • tashu

      can i remove my battery right now and put it again then restart my phone???? will this cause harm to my phone?

    • Yes you can do that. If it doesn’t work please let me know

    • tashu

      wowwwww… i removed the battery and now it worksss… thXxx…

    • After installing this, you can install Cosmic Experia ROM which has a better battery life and better ucstomizations. Check this

  • LG p350 user

    Downloads is gone….

  • yoganand

    im a lg optimus me p350 user my phone is rooted but i cant reboot into recovery and i dont understand ur installation methods quite properly can u please help me or give me a contact number of an expert who can help me:(

  • yoganand

    and where do i get cynogenmod zip i hav zip but am not sure of it‘s the latest version

    • If you have downloaded it from the link given in the post, it is the latest version. Place it in your memory card (not in any folder)

  • Denis

    I can’t download it,can you give me link or something ? That says that file is temporarily unavailable

  • Deepak

    I installed this and the performance is better than old one. But I can’t use GPS is it there any way to correct it.

    • As of now, there is no update! If there is any update, I will inform you 🙂

  • Deepak

    Thank you

  • konj

    where is root of my SD card?

  • konj

    i pres call button + power button + volume down and i did not get into Boot into Recovery… my mobile has just restarted why?

  • konj

    i dont understand how to install: when i unzip should i put it on SD card and than run the file or on the desktop?

    • You should not unzip it. Place the zip file on your sd card.

  • konj

    ok now i see this: the file has not been extractedsuccessfuly

    • Did you place the zip file in the SD card properly? If it does not work, you may need to download it again and try!

  • konj

    why cant i erase form sd i go on think free office click delete and it wont erase

  • Saif

    i have a problem with vedio player can anyone please upload the stock rom for this i dnt have back uped it plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Hi, the second method listed here lets you roll back to the Stock ROM. It also has a video. Let me know if you face any issues!

    • Saif

      dude fineshed evry thing but not restarting

    • Saif

      thank u so much dude when i rom cayogan mod vedios dosnt work better if u could fix this problm it would be help full

  • Saif

    i have a problem with vedio player

    • Saif

      dude i have a problem my phone bootted intlo fast boot mode how to solve it

    • Oh well, it seems you will not be able to boot! Remove the battery and re insert it around 3-4 times. If that does not work, insert the batter and press the Volume Down button + Call button and Power button together unless you see the recovery screen. If you do not see the recovery screen, your phone will be reset. This is the only way you can get rid of this fastboot mode! Let me know if this does not work and I will tell you how to make it work

  • johnny

    could you please tell me how to switch baseband???
    cuz 3g isn’t work on my p350
    sorry to my poor english

    • 3G would not work in CyanogenMod. Do you wish to switch back to the Stock firmware? If yes, follow the second method listed here

  • konj

    oh dude everything is ok 😀 except 3g ( i cant go on internet) plx help

  • moaz

    I am seeing a penguin for more than hours…never saw any CyanogenMod logo…what to do now??need help pls..

    • Reinsert your battery and try again. Tell me what you see!

  • André Toledo

    I tried every single step, no problem until rebooting the cell, it shows up the tux penguin and nothing more happens.

    The devices appears at adb devices but adb shell doesn’t work. I think I had just lost my cellphone.

    • No, you can also unbrick your phone and flash the stock firmware. Please reinsert the battery and tell me what do you see!

  • André Toledo

    Removing battery and turning it on make the phone show up the penguin again for hours, but I did not lost my phone.

    I used the how to root after firmware update tutorial to unbrick my cell, but it is not the firmware that came with the phone and wifi is very slow, at list it’s working.

    • You can install CM again, or make use of the MIUI ROM. Make sure you perform a full wipe in recovery!

  • André Toledo

    I’d prefer to run the CyanogenMod, but with 3G is not available on it, I’d hater left my phone on stock version.

  • Pablo

    Lalit, thank you very much for your very easy to follow guides. I followed your custom recovery guide and this one and was able to install CM7 without any issues.

    That said, the ROM you provided does have it’s limitations the biggest one for me is not been able to use 3G.

    I did some digging around and found a different CM 7 .2 ROM by pax0r. you can find it at

    This ROM has functioning 3G and works great. I flashed it following your same steps above and so far I have had zero issues with it.

    pax0r is doing a great job and is updating the ROM regularly. I fully recommend you take a look and try this one out.

    • Thanks for the update Pablo. I will update the post now 🙂

  • neel

    how can i roll back to the original lg factory rom

  • Dacky82

    Lalit, is 3G working now after you update post, is zip file “” good version (with all working stuff including 3G) ? And what about battery life, can you fix it to increase autonomy of battery?

    • I haven’t used 3G on my phone yet, rest all works well. Regarding 3G, the developer says it works! The battery life is not too good but not too bad either. The best combination I could find for this phone is pax0r’s kernel + MIUI ROM which makes the battery last like forever 😀

  • Dacky82

    Latit, I have some problems about how to install custom recovery (phone is rooted, sdk installed, but when I type comands from step 8 and 11, I get “permission denided”), and wish to ask you can I just get Rom manager (ClockWorkMod recovery) from android market, install it, and boot into recovery mod from that application? Will it work?

    • ROM Manager will not work. Here are a few things you can try Dacky:

      • Update Superuser and Subinary inside it.
      • Move the downlaoded custom recovery files to the platform tools folder. If on Windows 7, you might find it in C:\android-sdk-windows\platform tools
      • If the above two do not work, check out the easy way to install custom recovery.


    • Dacky82

      Thanks Lalit, I made it, I manage to install custom recovery using “easy way to install custom recovery”, and finally I flashed Rom! My choice wasn`t exactly cyanogenmod, because I decided to flash ARC XP ROM (which is based on CyanogenMod 7.2), so far so good. Thanks again, you are great!

  • sreenath

    I am using synogen mode. its pretty awesome . works great
    thank you so much. its a great contribution.
    I am facing one problem, I don’t have Google map, Gmail app, and Facebook
    what should I do

  • konj

    in accounts and sync there is no gmail just some exchange account and he dosent work plx help…

    • You can remove that account if it does not function. You can download Gmail from the market.

  • Decio

    Hi… I installed the Recovery but i cant boot into it!
    Appears a penguin with a recycle bin than the phone restarts.
    Any solutions? tks!

    • Boot into recovery and clear the cache and then reboot again!

  • Decio

    The thing is that i cannot boot into recovery mode!

  • Decio

    i already do that the issue came out when i press volume – power and menu bottons. The phone restarted and resetted.

  • konj

    i cant becouse i dont have any market lol

  • hyejin

    are CyanogenMod 7.2.0 doesn’t need a kernel?








    • Hi,

      Yes there are quite a lot of ROMs. I have seen many ROMs but I will post tutorials only for those ROMs which are fully functional or have some minor bugs. As of now there is an ICS ROM which is an alpha stage, the Cyanogenmod Nightlies ROM which works perfect. The Arc XP ROM which is also good. I will post tutorials for all these ROMs soon.




  • GabY

    hi…i just instaled this rom and now i don’t have android market, my gps and navigate is missing..facebook ,youtube all of may aps are gone…how can i get them back?? any1 help me pls

    • You need to flash the gapps file to get market and you can get all other apps from market!

  • Pradeep

    I have succesfully flashed Cyanogenmob… But I forgot to backup nandroid…
    My phone is still on warranty…
    From where can I get Original LG P350 ROM… so that I could utilise my warranty card in case anything wrong happen…

    From Original, I mean to say the default ROM, that was installed in my fone when I purchased it.

    And basically, what is kernel ?? and firmware?? are they related to ROM ??

    • You can check this to roll back to stock. Yes those terms are related to the ROM!

  • Pradeep

    the link u gave is abt rooing…
    I want to know abt rollbacking to stock

    • The second method shows how to roll back to stock and root using Gingerbreak. So it contains the method to roll back to stock. Just don’t use Gingerbreak!

  • sam

    sir lalit.. why the penguin always appear? after reboot? plzz help me

    • Remove battery, boot into recovery and wipe cache and then again reboot!

  • Bernard

    My mobile data is not working,please help? I can’t go to internet without wifi

    • Please got to Settings>wireless & networks>mobile data>Access Point Names and enter the APN Settings!

  • Pavle Radivojevic

    First of all I would like to thank you for this great tutorial,I ran through it without any issues,and it changed my phone to work better than ever! 🙂
    Second,I’ve been using Cmod for some time now and I found some minor bugs that I would like to share. First is that phone does not locks during the call,so I accidently hung up few times…couldn’t find settings for this. The other one is with sound,which comes back to default every time phone is rebooted even though sound bar shows that the sound is low,so I have to turn sound down,then up every time I reboot the phone and make a call. That’s about it,nothing much,but so people don’t be surprised about it. 😉
    Regarding 3G,I see people here say it doesn’t work…well it does work very well,all you have to do is to get 3G parameters from your mobile provider,which are usually located on providers web page. Hope that helps! 🙂
    Thank you again,you do a great job!

    • Thanks for the review Pavle.. There are quite a lot of ROMs being released for LG Optimus Me.. The latest one is CyanogenMod Invasion which will be posted here on BlogoTech shortly. This ROM would run on 787MHz OC and has scripts to enhance 2G and 3G.

  • Pavle Radivojevic

    mail typo…

  • sam

    thanks it’s really work!.. In ur own opinion what is the best ROM for optimus me? cm7 RCO or nightlies?

    • Nightlies must be good.. I actualy don’t play many games so I cant say about its performance when playing Games. Also, there is a new CyanogenMod Invasion ROM which runs at 787 MHz frequency. It is coming up soon on BlogoTech. Stay connected.

  • sam

    there is no market can i install it

    • The downloads page mentioned above has a link to download gapps zip file. Please flash it via recovery!

  • after some time my phone freezes,iam using cyanogenmod 7
    plz help

  • Prasanna

    from where to download for lg pecan and does the zip file specific for each dvice

  • Yohan

    When i installed the ROM i can see the following apps – ”Google play, Gmail, Maps”

  • M.JUNsk

    Is there any way to overclock phone with the factory version of ROM?

  • M.JUNsk

    My phone still covers warranty, any Idea of unrooting phone ?plz help
    p.s.i haven’t rooted my phone yet. bcoz if there is no chance of unrooting I wud better nt go for it.

    Reply soon:)

  • chaitanya

    ma android market is not working … plzzzz help .. when i try to open it .. force close option alwys arise .. plzz help.. :/

    • Go to Settings>Apps>All Applications and select “Android Market” and tap on “clear data” Do the same for “Google Services Framework” and reboot!

  • help

    how i get to boot menu ?

    • Do you mean recovery menu? To boot into recovery, you need to turn off the phone and press Volume Down + Call + Power button together and release power button when you see the “LG” logo!

  • akash chandra

    when I open my recovery menu it resets my phone … what to do know???

    • Release the power button when you see the LG logo.

  • yuhan

    – volume botton + Call button still not working on my phone…
    Help pls..

  • Chirag

    I have an app called ROM manager from which I downloaded custom recovery through the UI provided by this app. can i use this app to flash it?? it also provides UI to download ROMs or install them from SD card. I have installed cloclworkmod recovery and how do i backup my current ROM??

  • tin

    hello! i have a question about my phone..i upgraded my lg p500 into cm7 but after that my network service doesn’t function..please help..what should i do? i needed your reply badly!.. thanks

    • Flash some other ROM. Some ROMs are meant for old baseband.

    • tin

      what do you mean “other ROM”? because I installed the cm 7 for Lg p500, should I change it to cm 9 or still cm 7 but I will choose another from the list of downloads for cm 7? Thanks for your reply by the way!

    • You may need to ask the developer if it will work well on your phone or not. Compatibility issues often exist for all custom ROMs