HOW TO Install Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC Sensation [Extreme Sensation ROM]

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So here is another Ice Cream Sandwich ROM and this time it’s for HTC Sensation with some extremely cool features. It has been dubbed as the Extreme Sensation and is based on the latest leaked RUU 3.24.401.1. It has better sound effects than before, faster Wi-Fi and most of the bloatwares which eat up the memory space on your device have been removed. Read on to see how to install Ice Cream Sandwich.

Before we proceed, lets see the features of Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on HTC Sensation.

Features of ICS ROM for HTC Sensation

  1. Fully re-edited from the HTC Leaked RUU 3.24.401.1
  2. This ROM is very stable for everyday use, everything works perfectly, only some apps which are known for Ice Cream Sandwich incompatibility.
  3. Full Sense integration! plus more additional EXTRAS like those android goodies that you wont usually find in other sense roms. This include overscroll glow effect, semi-transparent 5 row app drawer battery % mod built.
  4. Android Ice Cream Sandwich Framework integration with Sense 3.6 UI
  5. Great Support
  6. Fast and Smooth
  7. Improved Battery Life
  8. Amazing optimized HTC SENSE look for those who loves the beautiful SENSE UI look
  9. NO FLICKERING ISSUE on the browser with this ROM
  10. Drop Box Built in
  11. Supports HEAPS of languages


  • Backup all your applications using ASTRO File Manager. Rooted users can use Titanium Backup for the same.
  • Back up all contacts to SD Card.
  • Disable Anti virus and other security apps as they might interfere in the updating process.

DisclaimerBlogoTech is not responsible for any damage that might be caused to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible. Try this at your own risk.


  1. Download 3.24 Revolutionary Firmware
  2. Download
  3. Download Dropbox Link | Torrent Link

Steps to Install Ice Cream Sandwich

  1. Download all the three zip files and copy them to the root of your SD Card (for convenience)
  2. Boot into Bootloader. If prompted for update, do it. Let the phone reboot without interrupting.
  3. After the update is finished, delete the firmware file perhaps using your computer.
  4. Boot into Recovery mode and SUPERWIPE. After this, select “apply update from .zip” and select the file you had downloaded.
  5. After this, flash the you had downloaded in the same method as above. This is to gain root access.
  6. After this, select “Reboot system now”.

For updates and queries, you can visit the thread on XDA.

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  • Hi there, just wondering… The 3.24 rev firmware… What do I do with it because it takes me to xda when I click it… Now there is a download for fastboot windows but I was wondering if I actually need to do it on the computer coz I can’t find siperwipe in recovery from just my phone…

    • By superwipe, I just meant you wipe data, cache and dalvik cache 😀

  • I meant do i have to use the computer to do it? X

    • No, you must do it in recovery mode from your phone!

  • When phone is in recovery it just shows a picture of a phone and a red triangle, can’t access anything from there.. do i plug phone into computer x

    • Can you download ROM Manager and then boot into recovery?

  • stuck on the htc logo now

    • now looping the boot process, is this normal

    • Has it booted well, it does take a lot of time!

  • Will

    Having the same problems as Luke with the Red X and no Superwipe in menu. What was the fix?

  • you have to root first.. figured it out and done everything except the fact that the rom doesnt boot after its installed.

  • rdragona1994

    Do we flash su-bin if the phone is already rooted pre-updating to Ice Cream Sandwich?

  • rdragona1994

    Ok so I got the files as needed, and put them into the root of my sd card. Booted my phone into recovery and when asked to update, I chose yes. After it rebooted, it said, “CID Incorrect, Update Failed” and now I’m stuck in an infinite boot look after it says HTC Quietly Brilliant. I can get to recovery and I tried a factory and cache reset followed by flashing my backup before the whole process but still stuck on infinite boot! How can I get out of this! D:

    • rdragona1994

      Yes! I got it working by using a different update, then following through with the normal procedure 😀

    • you can change your CID if that will help.. if you open(not extract) the file and open the info file you can see all compatible cids in there,, note down one of them eg. HTC__016… and then if you know how to get into fastboot in command prompt you can write this command

      fastboot oem write cid HTC__016

      press enter and then write fastboot reboot-bootloader

      ten your cid will be compatible.

      aside from that,, my sensation is now bricked.. ups is picking it up for repair at htc today coz this rom flash fucked it up…

  • loool06

    It does’t work on my HTC sensation4g, when I turn it on, it shows the htc logo, and then , blackscreen. ??

    • Were you able to boot into recovery? You can check the thread on XDA to find user comments!

  • Sor

    When I run step 5, the SU-bin Zip. the installation of that file aborts. I’ve tried reloading the file several times to make sure it was copied to my SD card correctly, but each time it aborts.

    Then if I try to reboot my phone the HTC screen appears, stays on for longer than normal and the screen goes black. I can recover my last ROM, so no big deal. Any suggestions on the SU-bin zip. step?

    , Sor

    • Do you get any signature verification failed issue? In that case you can toggle the signature verification after you choose “apply update from .zip” To get rid of the long staying HTC screen, clear cache from recovery after flashing the ROM

    • Sor

      OK, I FINALLY got the three zip. files to completely install, (see requirements section above). It just took some of them 4 or 5 times to install before it FINALLY took. I also cleared the cache before rebooting. Everything should be complete.

      However, when I reboot it goes back to that HTC screen, sits there for a moment, then screen goes black for a minute, then the HTC screen comes back, screen goes black….. etc. It will repeat this, probably forever, until I restart the phone back into bootloader (HBOOT.) From there I recover my old ROM and my phone’s back to Cynogen Mod7.

      Any new suggestions? Could it have anything to do with my SD card?