Internet Explorer 9 Now Available For Download

Microsoft has released the Windows Internet Explorer 9 yesterday at SXSW in Austin, Texas which boasts of some improved features like HTML 5, greater design and enhanced Speed. Here are a few features which will boost its performance:

  • Increased Speed
  • Simplified Design
  • Pinned Sites: You can now pin your favorite sites to the taskbar and directly access them
  • New Tabs will open with the most visited sites
  • IE 9 TabsThe Internet Explorer 9 is integrated with Windows 7 with features like Snap, Pinned Sites, Jump Lists, and thumbnail preview controls.
Snap to compare sites
Snap to compare sites
  • With the help of Add-On Performance Advisor, you can know whether an add-on is slowing down your browser  so that you can disable it.
  • Privacy is enhanced with the help of Tracking Protection which helps you to limit your Browser’s communication with a particular Website.
  • A download Manager in the Internet Explorer will enable pausing and resuming downloads.

Download Internet Explorer 9

If you go through the Acid3 Test for browsers, IE 9 scores 95/100 which is better than IE 8. But when you compare it with Firefox, Opera and Chrome, IE9 still lags behind. The latest versions of Firefox scores 97, Opera and Chrome score 100 🙂 I would still advise you for Firefox or Chrome for ad blocking reasons.

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