Mozilla Firefox 4 Available for Download

I am writing this article using the Firefox 4 Browser and trust me, it is much better than the previous version. Internet Explorer 9 was released by Microsoft recently and today, Firefox 4 had been made available for download. My choice is Firefox 4 because of its useful add-ons which are of great use for me as a Blogger. Lets have a look at whats new in the Firefox 4.

Improved Speed

Performance GraphSpeed is an important factor for any browser and Firefox 4 comes with improved speed performance. Usual problems faced in browsers are that they don’t respond for sometime when a javascript is run or the speed is not good at startup times. But my personal experience says that this version of Firefox has none of the above flaws. Mozilla says that the new version is three to six times faster than its predecessor.

BarTab-Like Feature

Firefox 4

The BarTab-like feature is another appreciable feature of Firefox 4. If your browser gets closed automatically and is re-started, it would load the tab which was focused in the previous session and the other tabs are loaded later. So you can be sure that the browser would not crash because of all the tabs loading at the same time. Moreover, as you work on the focused tab, the other tabs will load soon so that you can switch to them later.

The New Interface

The new Interface puts the tabs on the top of the window saving much space which can be placed below if you wish. You also get an option to move the menu bar into a single button just like Google Chrome.

The reload and stop button is placed in the address bar. This customization is really good because the older version had separate buttons to reload and stop which didn’t look good and occupied more space.

Tab Panorama Organization

Tab Panorama Organization is another improvement in this version. Using this feature you can organize your tabs effectively. You can see a small button at the right side of the tabs and when you click on it, you get an option to organize the tabs in groups. You can also open a new group of tabs which would not interfere with the previous group.

Pinning Tabs

Pin as App Tab

You can now Pin tabs just like in Google Chrome. Just right click on an opened tab and choose “Pin as App Tab”. This will move the tab to the left most corner and will be visible as a favicon saving space again. You can pin sites which are open  all the time. I have pinned Facebook and Gmail 😛

Syncing Firefox

Firefix Sync

Syncing Firefox helps you save you bookmarks, history, open tabs, settings and passwords. So when you do a re-install, all your prefences will be synced there. An additional feature is that you can sync all your prefences in a mobile device like Android or Maemo too.

All these features would surely make you download Firefox 4.

Download Mozilla Firefox 4

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