My Encounters With Fake Profiles On Facebook

Did you find a really beautiful girl on Facebook? Are you sure the girl in the display pic is the one who is chatting with you? Well, you will be able to answer these questions confidently (i really mean it :D) after reading this post of mine….

I would like to share my encounter with a fake profile and how to identify and report a fake profile on Facebook.

This happened last evening when I went online on “chat” on Facebook. Usually i remain online on Facebook when I do my Blogging work but offline on chat to prevent people from saying that I am busy :D. The profile was that of a girl (usually fake profiles are of girls). The first message on that profile read “wat u do ..??lukin gr8 in dat pic….” this is the exact copy of the message excluding an “enter”. My reply was a thanks which ended the message thread. This message of his/her (as I am not sure) made it sure that it is a fake profile. Anyway, there are a few more proofs of my statement below. Keep reading 🙂

Last evening i received an IM from that girl. Usually conversations start asking “What are you doing” kind of dialogues. I didn’t pay much attention but later I decided to test him/her (my standard notation for fake profiles :P). My reply was that I am busy working with my website. The next question was “P*rn?” I gave a negative reply hoping for no more such words to be used 😛 The message from the other end read “Why don’t you talk something interesting?” I asked like what? And he/she gave the most expected reply “S*x!!” My last message to the person was “Get lost and find someone else for this. F**k off!!” The last two words were repeated from the other end too.

That profile no longer exists in my friend’s list. I don’t even remember how and when I added it. So all you can infer is that when social networking sites like Facebook become popular, fake profiles are sure to creep in.

Why do people create fake profiles?

A few reasons which I have observed is for marketing purpose. You will usually get a lot of application requests and Page suggestions from such profiles.

Some boyfriends or girlfriends do so to spy their partner, to know if he/she talks to someone else or not. Well, Facebook’s privacy policy doesn’t permit all this and Facebook is not a platform to conduct investigative actions LOL!! 😀

Some people who are lonely try to get attention from others in this way. And most of them are successful also. I guess most of you would have been in such situations including me. But i decided to Blog rather than creating a fake profile, the latter being a bad option.

Another possibility is “just like that”. Some people like drama and fun. So creating fake profiles can also be a tool to kill time and also have fun or fool some friends.

If you wish to know how to identify fake profiles on Facebook, Check this.

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