New TRAI Regulations for Sending SMS

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You can now send 200 SMS per day, as per the new announcement made by TRAI.

Maximum 100 SMS
I guess most of you would have recieved an SMS which states

As per TRAI Regulation, effective September 27,2011 customer can send a maximum of 100ย  free/discounted SMSs per day

I myself have received this sms and many of them are aware of it as of now. Even I was unaware of it unless my friendย updated his status on Facebook mentioning about this SMS first.

Do comment if you received this SMS

You must be shocked and sad too (Same here :() The above mentioned text is the outcome of the new TRAI regulations. The regulations have been implemented to curb the menace of Unsolicited Commercial Communications (UCC) and will e put into force from tomorrow.

Companies that are providing such bulk sms services has to register with TRAI as telemarketers and sign new agreements with all Access providers (operators/telcos). I have listed a few effects of the regulations below:

  • The Authority has decided that no Access Providers shall provide any SMS packages in any form (through voucher, student pack, seasonal pack etc) permitting sending of more than 100 SMS per day per SIM except on blackout days or days specially notified by TRAI.
  • From September 27, ย 2011 you can only send SMS to people who are not in the National Do Not Call Registry(NDNC). (Most of you wouldn’t be in the list, so no worries :P)
  • All Commercial communication should happen only between 09:00 & 21:00 every day. This is for all consumers irrespective of theNational Do Not Call Registry(NDNC) list.
  • The TCCCPR has come up with a customer preferences called National customer preference register (NCPR) where they can receive messages from categories they have unblocked themselves from. This NCPR has two categories of SMS -transactional and commercial.

These are a few points. You can view all other regulations in the official document.

  • This time TRAI have done something which we (customers) didn’t like and want our freedom (of sending sms) back. I really don’t understand why all have to suffer, just because few are not happy of receiving sms’s.

    • I agree Irfan! I hope some changes might be made to these regulations in future!

  • Abhi | E-Mobilecharge

    Hey friends there is a good news for all SMS users TRAI’s regulation is no more and all SMS lovers are able to send unlimited sms as per their plans….

    I am very happy after hearing this..i think you also like it..

    • thanks for the info… I should have updated this in my post..

    • karthi

      But now no one is send more than 100 sms per day…..

    • I recommend you to use, a very cool Chrome app can be found here without any ads and convenient to send text messages. Your messages would not contain any extra text or ad and will be sent from your own number! You also have a mobile app for the same. All you need to do is, pay for GPRS instead of SMS ๐Ÿ™‚

    • karthi

      @ Lalit : ya thanks for this info. ๐Ÿ™‚ but i need to know one thing that, is there any reconsideration for this regulation in future..? is there any possibility to remove this much of conditions..?

    • No this is not possible!

    • karthi

      @Lalit : Oh… but in my point of view this is one of getting our freedom rite…

  • This TRAI regulations are big help to those texter’s addict!Thanks for the info!

  • Perfect review, this will help a lot , i hope that they will approve this in the future to stop those people who are really addicted in texting.

  • Prithoo

    Okay! So people are fed up of spam-sms, I get that. But why are they punishing genuine customers for that?

    • The TRAI regulations have not been implemented, this has been mentioned in the comment by Abhi above ๐Ÿ™‚

  • karthi

    Really it was a sad one for me :(….. they will punish all the people through this… must they will consider this again and to change this regulation…..

    • They did! You can now send 200 SMS per day ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sridhar

    freedom is unlimited
    nd u dont hav wrights or privelages to limit us TRAI

  • viren

    100 sms per day is for prepaid customer?
    What about postpaid customer?

    All operator’s customer will not be able to send more than 3000 sms in a billing cycle(postpaid) & prepaid customer’s will not be able to send more than 100 sms per day.
    All sms includes in this regulation except Blackout days Sms.
    There will be no restriction no blackout days.

    • It is for both prepaid and postpaid as per the current update!

  • Sydney Rodrigues

    The TRAI REGULATION ACT for 100 messages per day has made my life a hell of a lot more difficult!!!

  • Sydney Rodrigues

    The TRAI will pay for this stupidity some day…..

  • Shanmati

    Is there no possiblity of taking this act back?? Wud they not cancel this??

    • No Shanmati, they will not! And there is no other way out. The only alternative is to use apps like fullonsms as I have mentioned in the above comments!

    • Shanmati

      Oh my!! I am fed up with these!!

    • You can now send 200 SMS per day ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ragul

    We contact many friends with SMS only. So i think this is unnecessary act that younsters are suffering more…

  • Riya

    You make short messaging service too short…

  • abrams

    Toooo bad……….. Reconsideration regarding the restriction of sending sms is necessary…

  • Darcy Day

    100 sms per day is for prepaid customer? I really donโ€™t understand why all have to suffer, just because few are not happy of receiving smsโ€™s. Really it was a sad one for me โ€ฆ.. Okay!