Optimize Blogger Post Titles for Better SEO

The title of your page is of much importance when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. The title of the Page is a key to get more traffic especially from organic search. Have you ever noticed the default Blogger Post title in Google? Here is an example:

The name of the Blog is shown before the tile post. This is something which will not attract readers to your Blog. Here is a solution to it. I will tell you how to change the page title for Blog Posts.

Step 1

Sign into your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2

Click on Design–>Edit HTML

Step 3

You can click download your template for back up. If you face any error, you can upload the template again which you downloaded.

Step 4

Check the “Expand Widget Templates” to make sure all the codes are shown. The page will be reloaded once it is checked.

Step 5

Click anywhere inside the HTML box and Press Ctrl+F to find this code:


Step 6

Replace the above code with the one given below

 <data:blog.title/>  <data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/>

Step 6

Just save your Template and check out your Blog 🙂

10 thoughts on “Optimize Blogger Post Titles for Better SEO”

  1. Hey this code is working fine with my blog and it really helps in my SEO..Thanks for sharing such a great stuff..

  2. Great steps. I agree that in search engine optimization title are very much important, it will first appear in a certain search engine and attract readers to subscribe and visit your page. Titles must cooperate with your niche because it will help your page to rank high.

  3. When you are about to blogging, the first thing to consider is to create an effective title. A well created title is equivalent to great traffic results.


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