Pure CM_Invasion ROM for LG Optimus Me P350

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There are already a few CyanogenMod ROMs for LG Optimus Me P350 about which we had posted previously. All of those ROMs have been compiled by different developers. There is yet another Cyanogenmod ROM for LG Optimus Me P350 which is known as the CyanogenMod Invasion ROM compiled by Keyur Maru. This is perhaps the fastest one of all. I’ve been using it now for around 16 hours and there is just one minor issue I faced which will be discussed below. It runs at 787 MHz frequency with SMARTASSV2. I am using it at 844 MHz but this could create problems on some phones, however 787MHz would be safe!

Features of CyanogenMod Invasion ROM on LG Optimus Me P350


Screen Captures of Pure CM_Invasion ROM for LG Optimus Me P350



And this image shows 95 MB RAM free. So this means you can have quite a lot of apps running in the background. I could easily play Temple Run on this phone without any lags 🙂

Known Issues

Google Play Store force closes after reboot. You can install it again using an APK file to fix this.

The Prerequisites and steps to install this ROM are on Page 2.

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  • how to root lg p350 with superoneclick?

    • Connect your phone in USB Debugging mode to the PC and click on “Root” in Superoneclick!

  • Manju

    Hi Lalit,

    Point 10. which is not working when i tried to restore all my data(by using the CWM recovery).. it’s md5 mismatch.

    Could you suggest.

    • That is perhaps because of a bug in the previous ROM!

    • Manju

      And now my USB -Mass storage function is also not working, when i tried to connect via USB. please suggest to clear this problem.

    • Disable USB Debugging and enable it again. If this does not work, just reboot your phone 🙂

    • Manju

      Hi Lalit,

      i done this but still no chance to connect the USB mass storage, is there any other ideas. please suggestions will be awaiting.

    • I did use this ROM and it worked for me. I will ask the developer to reply to your comment 🙂

  • landy

    i cant connect phone to pc to use internet via pc. pls help me

  • landy

    pls help me sir

  • othanski

    wifi is not working, i can’t connect to the internet, google play force close always, need help!!!!

    • Go to Applications>manage Applications>All and select Google Services and then tap on clear data. Market should work after this (this is how it worked for me). WiFi must work :/

  • Alejandro

    Hi I just installed this rom, when overclocked @787 Mhz, when I acces to the camera, it crashes, how can i fix this?

  • Alejandro

    Im sorry to say it, but this rom doesnt run stable @787 mhz, my phone keeps crashing and crashing I had to come back to CM 7

  • saqib

    Hey I tried the updated ROM from the link in the post above n man its wicked!.. I can’t beleieve how fast my cell is now.. stable at 787 MHz … one thing though I think u posted the screenshots of CM 7.2 or CM 7.2 nightly cause thats what they look like.. or maybe it was the update .this has a different UI .. I’ll see if I can post a screenshot …

  • nyLL

    i have a NETWORK LOCKED LG P350..
    Can i still upgrade this kind of unit?

  • Hi . i buy Lg Optimus ME P350 and i install MOD Manages and try to Participate SD to use space for install apps, and my phone reboot and start with blank screen and says “Fastboot mode started …. udc_start() ” and it’s stuck like this all day, any help plz

  • Pavle Radivojevič

    So,I’ve been using this ROM for 4
    months now and I think it’s time to write my opinion on it.

    Let’s start with good things first.
    One big thing that is bug on other CM7s, CM 7.2.0 RC0 ROM for
    instance, and is fixed on this one,is in call screen lock,which can
    get very annoying when you accidentally hang up with your cheek or
    put person on the line on hold. I was happy to see that it works fine
    on Pure CM Invasion. Second good thing is that it is in deed really
    fast and takes up small amount of ram, lot fasterthat any other ROM
    that I tried. That would be it for the good things,now for the bad.

    First and maybe the most important
    problem is SMS service which is not working right. I first thought it
    was the operators problem, but it only happened to me and it started
    when I flashed this ROM on my phone. The problem is that messages
    sometimes (at random) are not received,and sometimes are not sent.
    This is a big problem because I didn’t get some important SMSs’ and
    didn’t send some important SMSs’ even though I thought I did. Next
    big problem is app store force close,but fix that Lallit provided
    works fine. Next overall problem is that system as a whole I pretty
    much buggy with random restarts, spontaneous turn offs and force
    closes.I tried different sets of CPU speed,but it is all the same,not
    stable. One not so big problem is that for some reason ROM uses too
    much of a space,almost as much as LGs factory android,so I wasn’t
    able to install too many apps like I did in previous CM7 ROMs that I

    Overall I wouldn’t recommend it for
    everyday use because of some bugs that one android mustn’t have.
    Anyway I’d like to thank you again Lallit,for your effort and keep up
    the good work. I’ll be testing more roms in the day to come.

    P.S. – I saw link you posted in the
    comment above for Pure Invasion v2. Will be trying it out. Hope it
    works as good as they say on forum and that major bugs are fixed. 🙂