7 reasons Why Girls Should Marry Geeks

We at BlogoTech do not publish articles on dating tips or relationships but since it is a Technology Portal, I thought of giving some credit to Geeks and I do feel that they sincerely deserve good life partners ;). I am not writing this for self promotion 😛 But I do feel that the title of the post is at least 80% true to my knowledge and I have also mentioned some points to prove that the it is really true.I love Geeks

Lifetime Support

Life Time SupportIf you marry a Geek, you can be sure that you will get lifetime support for your laptops, computers or any other electronic equipment. Fixing such problems would not be a tough task for Geeks. They are fast, accurate and quite impressive too.

Geeks are more Romantic

romantic emailGeeks act according to innovative ideas. They do use their geeky nature for romance too. For example, dedicating a page on his Blog completely for you or listing out some reasons for loving you on his Blog, sending ecards and voice messages when in office! Don’t you girls like such things? After all, these web pages would exist much longer than those roses which guys usually give to their girlfriends. This would surely make you kiss you computer screen 😀

Brains are never Jammed

How could having brains be something bad? I agree that geeks might not pass their college or university examinations (personal experience :P) but this doesn’t mean they have a jammed brain. The application of smart ideas would often save you from troublesome situations. I could have given you some examples but that would make this post boring 😛


Loyalty is the most important aspect in a relationship. You can trust Geeks as you they won’t cheat you. Lets consider that a Geek is with Angelina Jolie in a room 😉 I bet you he will be more interested in writing a Post about being in a room with Angelina Jolie rather than getting to know her personally 😛 This statement applies only to true Geeks because I know most of you would deny this.

Geeks are not Flirty

Well, thats a major characteristic of a Geek, I have observed in most of the Geeks. If I am to talk to a Geek to check how he is, I would say “Hey dude! hows that girl? Really beautiful, isn’t she?” and his reply would be “Yeah!”. While answering to my question, he would be looking into his mob and not at the girl.

I have observed another characteristic which would make you trust Geeks. Girls are usually too much addicted to Facebook as I have seen many of them uploading their pics and expecting numerous comments and likes on those pics. The result is as expected, they get what they desired for, but a comment from a Geek would say “The Blackberry you possess is really good, may i know when you bought it?” 😀 This makes them the odd man out and obviously trustworthy.

Less expectations

Less ExpectationsGeeks usually don’t expect much from girls. They don’t want you to have any make up or dress like Madonna when you are going for a party with him as they are usually very less bothered about the physical appearance and fake beauty. You are good, bad or ugly, it hardly matters to them unless you have true feelings.

Scientific Proof

A scientific study too proves that girls might date with handsome guys but they would prefer marrying a Geek. Perhaps because of the points above. Quality matters when you spend your lifetime with someone 😉

Another point could be that Geeks are always engaging, so you would never get bored if you are with a Geek 🙂 Don’t you think these points are true?

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