5 Reasons Why I Hate Facebook

I hate FacebookFacebook is the biggest social network has the biggest online presence in the world with alexa rank 2 and competing hard with Google. It is the fastest growing social network which had even topped the total number of search terms in 2010. What do you use Facebook for? To chat with your friends (Facebook Chat sucks big time. Here is the Instant Messenger for Facebook) or to share photos, videos and links? Most of you might be addicted to this social network, but I don’t think Facebook is worth spending your time on it. Facebook means nothing to me but just a number 2 referring site. Let me tell you why I hate Facebook.

When I tried to send a friend request on Facebook, this is what I could see:

Facebook friend requests blocked

WTF! This is the message I have been seeing from the past 10 days and have to see for the next 20 days! Facebook had blocked me from sending friend requests for 30 days with a warning that sending friend requests will be permanently blocked if I continued sending friend requests to unknown people. The biggest mystery is how does Facebook predict whether the person whom I have been trying to add is known to me or not as it is only me who can answer this question.

Why did this happen?

A few days back I tried to add a fellow Blogger to my Facebook friends network. We had around 200 mutual friends but the message which Facebook showed me was

This Request Cant be sent

1.No Support

No lets consider this as an error. You get two options in the message either visit the Help Centre which consists of all kinds of stupid FAQs or report the Problem. I tried out the second option and this is what I could see after reporting the problem

Contact FacebookSo did I get an email from Facebook? Obviously no. Facebook lacks in customer support.

A few months ago David Fagin who was warned by Facebook that his profile would be deleted if he sends friend requests to unknown people. When he tried to contact Facebook over the phone, all he could hear is

”Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, at this time, Facebook does not provide phone support.

WTF again! Facebook does not provide phone support, it does not provide any “Live Chat” and the biggest lie– “You should receive an email response shortly”. The biggest social network in the world has no customer support. Sounds weird!

2.Humiliating Terms

This is not all, when your friend requests are blocked you need to accept that you had been sending friend requests to unknown people and will not continue this in future. This is obviously humiliating. It is like accepting that you are a thief though you haven’t stolen anything!

3.Is every Facebook user a SPAMMER?

I tried out sending friend requests to people who had 20 or 30 friends and with whom I had no mutual friends, the result was “Friend Request Sent” and if I send a request to a known person with 200 mutual friends, it shows the message which is shown in the top most pic of this post! Does this mean that a person whose profile is new on Facebook is known to everyone? Believe me, the 20-30 friends person was not of my nation either! If sending friend requests to unknown people is spam, then every user of Facebook would be a spammer.

4.Facing Troubles in recovering Hacked Accounts

My friend’s Facebook account got hacked this evening but when tried to reset password via email, it showed that the account has been temporarily locked and the user needs to contact Facebook along with a user ID (with photo) issued by the government. So if your account is hacked, you need to go through the troubles of “Contacting Facebook“. This is the toughest task I guess 😛

5.Over Usage of a Feature leads to Blockage: STUPIDITY

Adding to my reasons for hating Facebook: You are blocked from performing a particular action if you do it in excess. Check the  screenshot below

Facebook Blocked from sending messages

Let us consider that you were out of town for a month or you haven’t accessed Facebook for the past one month. The next time you login to Facebook you might want to send messages to all your friends informing them of your return! Beware! Facebook will not allow you to do so. Overuse of any feature will block you from using that feature again. If you upload multiple videos suddenly, uploading of videos will be blocked for you account! It is quite similar to this: Your mobile service provider send you a message that you are banned from making calls just because you have been making numerous calls in the past! This is what I call as totally STUPID logic. Don’t you agree with me?

Anyway, this STUPID Logic is accepted Internationally and not to forget, Facebook rules the social media so I don’t think anything could be done about it. If Facebook promises to protect the privacy of its users, it should also ensure that the privacy terms do not lead to such humiliations of its users. Though Facebook has proved to work out in tough conditions for some people, most of you might experience such humiliations in future. The social network opens the gates to the whole world but closes the gates within a small range. If you try to go beyond this range, you are a SPAMMER.

If Facebook blocks your friend requests permanently, you can convert your profile to a fan page as this would retain friends already connected with you.

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